FireWall-1 Error

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I am working with Windows XP OS and Office XP.
I installed a VPN (SecuRemote). I received an error that the installation did not complete. I proceeded to run the setup.exe again, only to get the following error:
"Setup has found that Fire Wall-1 is installed on this computer. Please uninstall it before installing SecuRemote."

I uninstalled the VPN from the Control Panel, I deleted the folders it created in my Program Files.

I ran the setup.exe again, and I am still getting the same error.
There must be a file somewhere that I need to get rid of, but I don't know where it could be hiding.

Can anybody help?
I have the exactly the same problem

I saw you had or still have the problem.

I have exactly the same problem.
I removed also everything from the registry concerning FireWall-1 en Securemote etc.|
It didn't work.
I still get the same error message that I have to uninstall FireWall-1 before installing Securemote.


Do you have already the answer ?

Kind regards !

FireWall-1 error

At first I removed Securemote by the the Add/Remove program option. After two days I wanted to install it again but I got the FireWall-1 Error message and was not able anymore to install Securemote again. After I checked the registry and deleted a key that has a relation with Firewall-1.
Up to now I'm still unable to install Securemote again.

Reinstalling XP from scratch is the far and far last option I will use because of the applications I need to use at this moment.
This is a weird error.

I scanned through the registry with many different search strings that might have a relation with Securemote or Checkpoint or Firewall-1 or firewall etc. .

Kind regards.
The FW1 folders were indeed the cause of the problem.
I deleted them and I am able again to install Securemote.

Thank you very much !!
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