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I currently have one toolbar that allows me to add my favorite bookmark weblinks.
This toolbar is totally maxed out.

I want to have additional toolbars that will allow me to have more lines of these personal weblinks.

As I see it this is currently not possible for a couple reasons...
1) There is only one availabe icon titled "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" in the customize toolbar dialog box. (When this icon is dragged onto a toolbar it allows you to then place these weblinks on the toolbar)
2) You can only assign one folder at a time in the "Manage Bookmarks" Screen to be "Set at Bookmarks Toolbar Folder". In order to have more than one toolbar that allows you to have personal bookmarks, a user would need to be able to have more than one "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder" in the manage bookmarks page.

I think that in order for this feature to be usuable.
1) There would need to be a way to copy the "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" icon in the toolbar dialog box, after this is copied it could be placed into a newly created toolbar.
2) A user would need to be able to assign additional folders as "Set at Bookmarks Toolbar Folder" in the manager bookmarks screen under "View" in the title bar.

I beg anybody that knows how to develop extensions to develop this, I know how important a feature this is to me and can only imagine there are many other users who would be interested in this.

If this feature was used in conjunction with the Toolbar Enhancements extension it would allow you to have these links not only located at the top but, also on the sides and bottom of the browser screen.

If anybody has more information about this, I am very interested to hear it.

Lastly please don't tell me to just post folders on the toolbar instead of bookmark links, it just isn't the same thing.

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