Firefox HTML bookmark corrupted?


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Hi all,

I exported my firefox bookmark, shows around 3MB (I have quite alot of pages)

I rebuilt my computer, fresh OS install.

Now when I try to import the bookmark, into any browser, it doesnt work.

If I open the HTML in notepad nothing shows up, you can highlight everything but cant see it, even if I try to change font color.

Any advice?

Joe C

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Great Lakes State
Moz Backup was once a good program to move your bookmarks and user profile from one install to the next but Firefox has made changes since Windows 10 and Moz Backup stopped working too. The best option I have found to move your firefox profile over from one to another or a new pc is to use Firefox Sync. Just a matter of creating an account with FF and run the sync option.
This may or may not help you get your bookmarks back

If you have an account with the Firefox browser and previously used Sync, then it is just a matter to log into your firefox account and run Sync on the new install and then everything on your Firefox browser will be on your new install, including bookmarks
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