Firefox and Mac security sanctuaries 'under attack'

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EricB said:
not really

no. you guys act like you thought that those products were unhackable.

Duh. Newsflash

Anything written with code can be hacked

you guy missed the point that these products are safer straight out of the box. you will need to configure them properly and add protection to them(Ii.e. Spyware,A/V, firewall, etc), just like you do any other software. MS will alway care more about tracking than security. they own the market so they don't care because people are going to buy the product anyway.

now it's end of story

Whatever dude. Fighting on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, your still retarded. I'm done with this thread.


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Warez I will argue with you as always. Even if they found more exploits in firefox this time doesn't mean it will be the most hacked. You see IE has 89% of the webbrowser market so more hackers will be focused on that than the 8% that use Fire Fox and the 3% that use something else.

Shawn you are as funny as always :p


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SHAWN said:
Whatever dude. Fighting on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, your still retarded. I'm done with this thread.
shawn you ain't nothing but a 1 line ____ (use your imagination to fill it the blank). I set back and bit my lip for the last time with you. you sit back and give those smart a$$ one line answers to everybody here and then have the nerve to give mad when I finally respond back I wanted to at least 30 times before, but I was trying to act civil.Ii was actually madder at the last smart alec answer that you gave me, that I didn't respond to then this one. it has just been building up in me

you ought to be ashame for cracking on handicap people, but knowing your smartalec butt, you obviously don't care

You want respect, then shows some. you just lost the little that I didn't have for you


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don't dare get me started tyler. you are 1 second away from being banned with your always accusing people of pirating software antics (oh you ain't the only one that knows how to report a post).

I can admit to editing my posts because my anger got the best of me, when I posted that (If you look, I was called retarded first). Can you ever admit to editing yours that included that racial slur, that you had made about 40-50 days ago?

I am not the only person on this thread tired of your antics. a lot of people have been reporting you. I was told to please stop arguing with you before, because I was a valued member of this tech forum community and they didn't want to have to ban me.

while we are on the subject, stop trying to be my friend. I am not your friend. I will never be your friend. you leave me alone and I will leave you alone. If you never say anything to me, then that is fine with me


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Well I started a hell of a thread now didnt I? Just so everyone knows, at least for me, this is just business, nothing personal. So when I say something, dont take it personal.


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Warez Monster said:
Thats what I think FF and MAC users think...
we can agree to disagree. I hate IE because years ago, I had got so many viruses through it and it corrupted my hard drive. I lost so many song that I could never recover.

there was a program called audio galaxy (now it's called rhapsody). mp3 sharing was legal then. anyway they had every song ever made.

I lost hundred of songs that I probably will never get back. the worst part was the last virus was a cartoon that said your computer was self destruct in 5 4 3 2 1.....

and it did

I use netscape (2-3 years) after that until FF came out.

And I'm sorry. I knew a few people with a macintosh computer. I envy them. shoot I got an old one in the garage, that somebody gave it to me. but I don't have a moniter for it (different plug than pc's moniters). One day when my money right, I'm going to get one
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