Find me a Power Supply PLEASE!!


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Can someone help me, ok find for me, a power supply that is above 400+ Watts, that is also reliable and reasonably priced? It needs to be the exact same size as this one...

I just bought this as a replacement for my proprietary 305 Watt Dell PSU and I'm starting to think that it might not be enough to support my Geforce 6800GT even though the card recommends 350 Watts. Is there anyone out there who can find a card of this exact same size yet more powerful?


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What's the most you're willing to spend, or at least a rough estimate (around 50?, around 60?, etc) because there are a ton of good quality PSU's from different companies so a price limit would help a lot.
The Thermaltake is the bomb though!

I mean, it comes with the SATA Power Cables off the PSU to save space and wire management. It has a decent amount of molex cables and powers my computer easily and helps keep it cool with dual fans easily and is very quiet!


Also, if you want a bit more BANG for your buck, SkyHawk makes AWESOME powersupplies dual 12v rails for power hungry PCs and also, they include a special PCIe 6 pin cable SPECFICALLY for PCIe GPUs that require extra power. Gorgeous power supplies, I own one, and I LOVE IT.They include cables you connect yourself, so in otherwords, you don't have spare cables dangling if you don't need them!

Try this one on for size! 470watts and lots of extra goodies!