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Ok guys, i recently had issue's with my registry going terribly corrupt. All signs started to point to my PSU messing up, because when i used my hard drive a lot i noticed the fans slowing down and i noticed the lights got darker. Well i got me a new PSU with decent amps on the 12v rail. And while i was at it i got some cheap OCZ ram, just 2x 256mb sticks of it at DDR 400 (pc3200) with timmings of 2-3-3-6, for $40 each. Was it a decent buy? Oh and does this shit here look normal in cpuz
Socket 754 dont support dual. Thats why my next buy is going to be a new 939 mobo. And only reason i use MSN is because thats the only cheap ISP out here. And theres no DSL lines. But does everything look correct, because im starting to overclock this again but very slowly in the bios instead of core center.
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