Final List of Upgrades :)


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ok guys well i got a 7600gs ap8x 256mb 128 bit for Christmas...runs great...even though its down to agp4x because of my horrible old intel mobo

well im making a final list of stuff that i want so i can just have a pretty good gaming computer that will play my stuff right

k now i have a

pent 4 1.8ghz 400mhz fsb
intel d845hv mobo microATX
768mb pc133 ram (256x3)
7600gs 256mb 128bit agp8x (but running at 4x)

so my video card is bottlenecking like crazy with my processor lol

so i want to buy these in watever order and will put it all together then i get them all

Processor: Core 2 Duo E6300
that will be awesome and i doubt it will have trouble with ne thing

Motherboard: ??????
i cant find ne thing good yet...could you help me find one..must be...microATX...Socket 775.....i really want dual channel ram but idk just wutever happens....and a pretty good chipset...thx

Ram: 1gig (512x2) of some time of ram..preferably ddr2 if the mobo allows....and i want to dual channel badly but we will see what happens

that should be around $330 or somethign...not bad and i will run games pretty ne other suggestions?...also maybe a cheap $30 sound card!


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Dont think thats any use to him, its got PCI-E so he would need to buy a new graphics card. I dont know of any mobo with core 2 duo and AGP, coz that will bottleneck ya system.