final fantasy crooks?


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so i went to try a final fantasy online, and holy crap i almost signed my wallet away. basicaly u register, and ur whole account is based on a code they give u, and if u forget the code, ur hosed. and u sign up with all ur billing info and stuff to that account. and the only way to cancel your account is to do by phone (they never pick up :S ) the code ( who is gona remember or keep that code? ) so basicaly, its really hard to cancel your account, basicaly i had to call the support line and some old lady who barely spoke english was the one in charge of my account info. so as far as i know my stuff is canceled, oh and to the expansions, u gota buy and enter a serial code, and omg its just so messy it seems. i hate not being in charge of my account info readily. i am going to see if i can change my credit card info or somehting tomorow...anyone else messed with them?


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You posted this in the wrong section!.. i would talk your bank asap and stop all charges immediately