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Does anyone know how to get past a filter? I know that you can access the internet without logging onto the network but that only worked in bypassing the filter for a few days. I just need to know because the only site I can go to are .gov and .mil site and a very "mi nute" amount of other sites. basically no .com/.edu/.org sites.
You are connecting through a government network? Fat chance there on getting through the firewall. Only thing you can really try is to see if you can get to a site like If you can get there you should be able to bring everything else up.

There are ways of setting up a proxy for yourself, but if you are at work, it would probably cost your job.
Chances are pretty slim that it would cost my job since I really can't loose my job. The only reason the blocks are on is because of recent happenings around the world. Besides they couldn't catch me because one I wouldn't be logged on. The computer I would be using is a public or at least the company laptop. So unfortunately we aren't aloud to send out emails at all I can't talk to my family on the other side of the world... I know a lot but in certain areas my knowledge is still lacking. Any help would be nice. ;)
Yes it's a givernnment site and any kind of "proxy avoidance" sites have been filtered. The reason I say I can't loose my job is because I'm enlisted. They'll do nothing because my commander has been trying to get me to bypass the filter anyway. Like I said I was able to for about 2-3 days but after that I couldn't anymore. Tell you the truth they're setup isn't the greatest anyway.
Well, unfortunatly this is all I can help you with:

The only free proxies you couild use are listed here, so if you can get to any of them, they will work:

If not your probably out of luck, setting up a personal proxy isnt that hard, but it would require you having a computer that is on the internet outside of your network. Like a home PC on a cable or DSL connection.
I appreciate it. I should be able to work with it. The outside sorce may be hard but I should be able to work with it. Unfortunately nearly everything is block so search pages are as well. Google I can't access. Within the next 4 days they told us they'de give us that back. Once that happens I'll check that out. Thanks Ecniv
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