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I need a dedi for storing video and music material on and was recommended me as the one that meet all my needs best of all.
Any ideas of them?
Are there any specials?


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I don't know you said music and videos and from what I see they don't have very big hard drives on the dedicated severs. Biggest amount I see is 500GB. Get a good amount of movies and that will eat 500GB's easy... Depending on the file type and length of course.
Not sure of other places but that just doesn't sound like much space to me.


Take a look at the dedicated servers from They have only on у specification but it would be nice for makinga filesharing site...


You may use special from that is on their web site and get them cheaper. Company is reputable in itself and their servers have good uptime.


If you need to store video materials, is good for that as their dedis are optimized for that. Pricing is inexpensive and they offer many resources.


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Fro comparison I recommend you to look up This company has possibly not the cheapest, but still reasonable offers for dedicated servers.


As for me provides file sharing services on a professional level and with any hosting services.
You may use their special to get services from them 15% cheaper.