Few things I'd like help with (VB.NET 2010)


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I was hoping someone here could help me out with a few things for VB.NET.

Firstly I'd like to know how to detect the mouse position in the form, I'd like to do this so that when I click, the program displays a 1x1 square in that position.

Secondly, I'd like to know how to implement gravity, this is so the 1x1 square falls down after clicking.

Lastly, Id like to know how to check for collisions or if there is another block near the 1x1 block after it finishes falling, like if it hits the ground then checks if there is a block to the left and bottom, if not it moves there, kinda like how water flows (idk if this makes sense :/ )

I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out here, I'm at a loss.


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I could be wrong but it sounds like your barking up the wrong tree.

Whilst what you are asking to do is entirely possible in vb.net it sounds like you want some form of game engine.

Moving stuff in .net languages is usually really inefficient as you have to constantly keep posting back to the UI thread which means everything becomes unresponsive during this time, which is not what you want.