Feedback on new rig.


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Wanting some qualative feedback. Games i can play maxed out etc.
Generally how good is it?

Motherboard - Asus republic gamers rampage 3 LGAI366 Intcl x58 DDR3 mATX

Processor - Intel Quad core i7 950bloomfield 45nm 3.06GHz LGAI366, L38M8 130W

RAM - Corsair DDR3 1866MHz (2x 2GB)

Hard disks -

1) 150 GB velociraptor 10,000RPM Sata 16MB
2) 120 GB vertex 2 series. solid state.
3) 750 GB Western digital, 7200RPM, 32MB.

Video - Asus GeForce GTX560Ti 830MHz 1GB, PCI express, HDMI.

Power supply - Coolermaster pro silient pro Gold 800W, modular PSU

OS, Windows 7 64 bit.

thanks for replys.


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now here is what i like and the things that you should REthink. (i am saying REthink corz of we are all different, and want different things.)

the CPU is very good for the prise.
the PSU is quality


i dont realy understand why you will buy a velociraptor AND an SSD. why not just the SSD and then safe that money. maybe set the 750 GB hdd in Raid0 for that money.

the motherboard is way overkill. i have it myself (it is the Rampage 3 EXTREME right?) i will rather safe money for a better GPU. Are you an Overclocker? if not: DONT buy this. get a more standard motherboard

about the GPU. it is a GREAT card. you shoud buy it. BUT FIRST. think about that the GPU is a WERY inportent thing in a gamer PC.
for that price the 560 is you can buy an ATI 6950. that card is a locked version of the 6970. you can basicly get a cheep 6970. here is a link: AMD Radeon HD 6950 to HD 6970 Mod | techPowerUp
a am getting a new GPU as well. i am choosing the EVGA 570.(i am more of an nvidia fan) it cost more, but if you safe on the motherboard i will recommend buying the one insted for the money you are saving.