FEAR Multiplayer anyone?


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U have aa on?

I run all of the cpu&ram thingys on high or max.

Everything exept for textures on minimum from the vid card settings (shadows on, eye candies off)

And I have a fx5700 and it runs well. (~60 fps)

But yes I've played it quite much. It does seem like a good game but I don't think that the multiplayer in the real game was finished too well. No anti-cheat and only 2 ctf maps!?
And I doubt that there will be any challenge in the demo anymore. All of the good players (exept me :p) have most likely changed to the full version. And even when the full version wasn't out there were not many who could play. I was the best on the server like 90% of the time I played.


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Computergen said:
well lets play! got aim or msn or google talk?
we can play sometime. But I don't have time now.
But I'll pm u when I have time, (maybe like in one week or so) and u get more time to practise so u can kick my ass :p

oh and it depends on where u live. I can't play anywhere exept for europe or my ping will go astronomical. Usually I play in servers that are from the UK, France and Germany. If I go to a server located somewhere a little bit more to the south my ping starts to get big.


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As much as I would love to play, right now it's kind of hard. If I play FEAR, I could play all night. Since I have all these midterms and finals coming up in the first week of December (not to mention a project my group has to present), it's out of the question now. Maybe during winter break...