FDISK Partitionning

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What does Fdisk do, on another computer, I think I have a Boot Sector Virus.

Is there a possible way to get my files back?

Also, someone told me to partition my hard disk, and it is a Fujitsu, and they tell me to use FDisk. WIll it erase all the files?

Another thing, I install Windows 98 over everything and it is working partially, since I'd have to reinstall all the drivers and everything. Why is it working? The virus shouldn't mess with it as it did before, with Windows ME.

^^ I maybe didn't explain it correctly, so if you don't really understand what I ask, refer to this thread:


you can try recovery programs or you can even try partition magic to recover the whole deleted partion if you want.
Recovery programs will not work, this is not an instance of lost power, or corruption... sounds like a virus,,

plus, Partition Magic IS a great utility, however, you have to KNOW how to use it properly or you can lock yourself out of your hard drive and have to reinstall anyway,,,

Like Micro Bell, I think that you should blow the OS away and reinstall,, this is the best case scenario

good luck
well....i can help you with partition magic with every detail...but if you really want to get rid of the virus then you can always backup your data and reinstall the OS again....not a very big job.

It helps better than trying to fix out every problem.
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