FBI - *Takes a sigh of relief*

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God.. rofl *Gasps* - i almost shit my pants today...rofl.

i get home right? I look on caller ID 'Federal Gov.' I am like, "Stupid postal service prolly" - So i listen to the messages and right when it gets to "Federal Bu..." I hit 'STOP' - I almost fell flat on my ass... I looked at my compter...looked back at the answering machine... looked at my computer and thought " a couple good smacks with a hammer and no more evidence.." I find out they were calling about someone I had bought a car from earlier.... *SIGH OF RElief* - Thank god I didnt put the hammer to my comp.... lol
Holy crap. I would have had a heart attack. BTW dont think taking a hammer to the hard drive would make the data unrecoverable. You'd be surprised what the FBI can salvage when they really want to.
P2P File-sharing for life. Just make sure you have big magnets as backup. :p
Damn, that would be so freaking crazy...i think i would have just thrown it in the fireplace...
would have used the hammer aswell, although i think if you want to destroy data then the way to go is magnets
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