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PHP is my favorite web programming language.This is very easy to understand and simple codded language.It is a powerful tool to make Web pages.PHP is very effective on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and UNIX, etc.There are two web page provide like: dynamic and interactive.


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My favorites programming languages is HTML and PHP :)

Technically, HTML isn't a programming language. It's a markup language. The only languages I've ever really tried were Javascript and PHP (although I've only played around in them very little, I wouldn't be able to make any kind of application).


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PHP is my favorite Web programming language.This is easy to understand, simple codded language.It is a powerful tool that enables Web pages.PHP is very effective on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc . There are two Web services such as: dynamic and interactive.


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my favorite programming language is the one that I'm not bored with at the time. My main language is definitely C# with .NET Framework. As noted above, XML is not a programming language, and MySQL is a product that can be administered with the SQL language, but it has nothing to do with the Web. The Web is a way to connect to information. Data gets stored on a server running MySQL on a physical server. You can use the SQL language to access data stored in a MySQL database and you can use a programming language such as ASP.NET or PHP (and others) to access a MySQL database using SQL.

Furthermore, .NET is not a programming language, its a Framework. ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and now ASP.NET Web Pages all support and use the .NET framework.

Sometimes I get projects where I have to write PHP and I do like it because you don't have to compile it so its fun and light to use. Especially when using it with a framework like CodeIgniter. However, PHP is less secure because your back-end code is easily accessible on a shared host as opposed to Microsoft DLL's that are filled with machine language. It can be broken, but it requires a lot more work to decompile (depends). For those who say that PHP is fast, you have to try ASP.NET, and especially ASP.NET MVC. They are REALLY fast! Yes i know there is a way to compile PHP.

Last but not least JavaScript, although a programming language can't really fit in this group because its client-side and PHP and ASP.NET are server side. So really 2 different applications. You can't do with JavaScript (minus node.js) what you can with PHP/ASP.NET and vice-verse.

In any case, after writing months of ASP.NET, I like the change to something like Python or PHP. However, with languages such as PHP, when an application starts getting large and complicated, they start to show their dark side and all of a sudden you begin regretting that you didn't go with an enterprise level language such as ASP.NET.

blah blah blah... yatta yatta yatta... I could go on for hours!


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I have voted for PHP, it is pretty easy to learn and master just like HTML is. Okay, well PHP is SLIGHTLY harder than that but not to much harder, thankfully.
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