Favorite GameCube Game Debate. Started 5/7.

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Yeah, I like Zelda, like Mario Sunshine but its getting old. Like Metroid Prime but its getting old too. We need some more games.
I think Metroid Prime is the best Gamecube game to date, but that's just my opinion. I don't like arguing over best game. ~_~ And Zelda : The Wind Waker is pretty awesome too, even though I hate gathering the triforce, the cel shading rules. I can't forget TS 2, that's one of the best FPS's I ever played.
Well, the only Game magazine I even read said that Resident Evil 0 had incredible graphics and the game was good, so it's probably cool. I still think Metroid Prime is probably better though. O_O'..
RE 0 is graphically beautiful. And the zapping is a new feature that is pretty cool for the RE series. And for those of you not sure what that is , you have both characters in your party throughout most of the game, the other char. follows you shooting zombies and helping you out.. You have the ability to switch (zap) to the character of your choice at any time. There are some puzzles and events that require you to switch back and forth to complete or get through the room/puzzle. And both people have to stay alive or it is Game Over. If you like RE I suggest you at least rent this title and check it out it is worth it.
Metroid prime is the best remake of a classic game,zelda is cool and apart from the cel shading we have seen it all before,retro really made a classic and i for one can not wait for metroid prime 2
apart from that gamers there aint much worth shouting about,apart from some nice p2 shooters (oops)i did it again,like do don apachi,on the xbox front if you have a m****** or jap xbox OTOGI rocks bigtime,gameplay graphics that blow your mind,just a tad hard to understand,but thats were the faq and walkthroughs come in handy.

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