faulty HDD causing entire system to not boot?

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Ap. Mawle

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faulty HDD causing entire system to not power on?

Ok, Here's the deal..

Now, I usually leave my computer on at night, but this night was different. Was a rare moment, I turned it off!

Not thinking anything bad would happen, since I've turned it off before without any problems. It's usually during electrical storms & such.

anyway, the next morning I went to turn it on and nothing happened.

At first, I thought it was my power supply. The green LED on the MB was on, but that can mean nothing.

I went over to Frys to buy a new case w/ a psu. I needed one anyway. The original was short & crowded. Not good for the air flow & may have been it's demise. (Seconds from Disaster unavailable for comment)

I came home and I slowly pulled everything out of the old case, and swapped it into the new. I put all the brass fittings in their respected places. I made sure the MB was properly set.

I only put the jumpers I needed on, IE power & reset buttons, case speaker & power light. I plugged in the ATX12v, plugged in the psu fan, plugged in the cpu fan. Didn't change any other jumper settings from last time.

I put all my hardware back in, plugged in the monitor, keyboard, mouse & power cord.


So, I pulled both hard drives. I pressed power and the cd-rom started to spin up and all the fans came on. The system seemed to want to boot up after that, but, Nothing appeared on the monitor except the usual "pc turned off/color bar" splash screen.

I pulled all hardware except memory and video card, I heard one beep when it booted. Still nothing on the screen.

I plugged in the Maxtor 20gig and the computer started to boot up, no change on the monitor and the drive was knocking, loudly! Dead! =(

So, I plugged the Maxtor 160gig in (my main drive with the OS) and nothing happened. The fans didn't even come on this time.

Which all leads me to believe that there's something wrong with that drive...

Now I can understand the 20gig dying on a whim, it is as old as fill dirt afterall.. But the 160gig? I just bought it seven months ago..

Any suggestions?

System Info

Asus p48266
Intel P4 1.6GB
Two sticks 256DDR

GeForce 4 64mb
SoundBlaster PCI 128
Easy TV Capture Card
Kingston ethernet card

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 160GB (only reads 130GB)
Maxtor DimondMax VL 40 20GB

Antec Case SLK 1650B
Antec PSU Smartpower 350w



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If your still not seeing anything with the bare minimum of hardware I doubt your hard drive is the problem. Look up the beep code in the manual for that motherboard. You should at least get something on the screen with the ram,video card,cpu,mobo.. The hard drive probably still works.

Ap. Mawle

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Well, It says one short beep when displaying logo means no error duing post.

And that's all it says...
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