Faulty CD-ROM?

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How do you tell the CD-ROM is faulty?? There is power to it and i changed the ribbon cable just incase, but any time i try to use it, it says "insert disc" and then it wont respond, ?????
Make sure you clean it too before you do anything drastic.

Sometimes what seems to be the hardest problem has the most simple solution.
Yes, its a cd-rw, it simply wont respond to anytyhing, i have checked all i can and i am lost!
The disc is a cdrw? Is the drive a CDRW drive or just a CDROM, many older CDROM's simply wont read a CDR or RW disc. Try a regular game or music cd.
Have you cleaned it lately?

I had a problem when i first got my laptop, it would read dvd's but it wouldn't read data or music. Come to find out the laser that reads data and music was bad on it, but the dvd one was just fine. So if you can't get a result off of cleaning it..you might be SOL and have to buy a new drive :(
Here are my suggestions:

1) Make sure u have the right jumper settings
2) Make sure bios reads ur cdrw drive
3) Make sure u have the right ribbon cable
4) Make sure that the ribbon cable is plugged into the motherboard...
5) Clean your cdrw drive

And if that doesn't work... I don't know what will
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