Fatal HD Problem (Crosslinked)?


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Well, I was enjoying playing an old game (Icewind Dale 2) and got some problems. After running scandisk, I found that some files where crosslinked. I've never recieved this error before, so I googled it (Only to find out that it was bad). I fixed the errors, removed then installed the game, everything seemed to be working great. I tried the game again and my computer locked up. I restarted my computer again and got the same crosslinked file error. A file from the game and a file from Shareaza where written to the same cluster and was overwriting eachother. I tried to fix it again, but decided to just format it (I had recently formated it a few weeks ago, so no big loss).

After I formated, I thought I'd delete all the partitions and set 2 partitions (one for Windows98SE and the other for SUSE Linus). After failing to get Suse to install, I decided to get 98SE installed and work on linux later. I ran setup and it appeared to have messed up. I restarted my computer to find more crosslinked files again. Now, deleted the partitions and just set 1 Primary Dos partition for the entire HD. I tried to format it and I got an error message saying "Invalid media type reading drive c." After I pressed F, I saw a message saying "Volume in drive C has no label."

Is my HD dead or am I just not doing something right?


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I think your hard drives pretty much on its way out :(

Luckiily for you, they aren't that expensive nowadays for a good sized one.