Fatal Exception in Microsoft Outlook

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Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP for students and teachers/KG-7 Raid+AMD Athlon 1.4GHZ/1048 DDR-ECC.

Currently have fatal exception occurring in ms outlook when attempting to write new email. open program, click new message, click to:, shift address book to "contacts", fatal exception occurs. Able to close down error, new message block, and contact list, but program must be closed via task manager. Repaired program through add/remove programs and reboot. Repeated procedure with no success. Problem appears to be in contacts list.
Are you using an account that has admin rights? Also open a command window and check the TMP and TEMP variables (run SET to display that) Its possible these variables are pointing to a directory that doesn't exist or is write protected.
i had a problem with the address book. usually i am used to the contacts being already displayed, but due to mismanaged folders and books it was easily repaired by using the address book repair utility. thanks . . .
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