fatal error oe in vxd vpic

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My friend's pc recently had to have motherboard + video card changed (fried mobo) and since then whenever he tries to get to the web he gets this blue screen error message:
"fatal exception error oe..... in vxd vpicd(01)..."
It happens only when trying to get to the internet. He can connect to AOL and check his emails but can't go to the web pages...

Any ideas as to what is causing this?
Oh, he has 800 MHz pc, with Windows95, Internet Explorer, but not sure what version and 128MB RAM...

Thanks a lot!
just a thought, but try gettin' your hands on a copy of Netscape Navigator or Communicator, and then use that... It seems to work better w/ 95 for some reason
No, they did not reinstall Windows after changing mobo....
they gave him new graphics card though, the old one supposedly wasn't compatible with new mobo....

I changed PnP settings to No, but the problem did not go away...
Device Manager does not show any conflicts, but I think the problem might be related to the new graphics card, so I will try to delete and reinstall the drivers. Maybe it will help...

If nothing works, I guess I will have to reformat HD and reinstall the OS..... :angry:
:D It turns out that downloading and installing new driver for the new graphics card did the trick!
The repair guy must have been very lazy as he never installed correct drivers and the ones supplied by Windows were hoplesly out of date, causing all that headache....

I'm happy to have avoided formatting and reinstalling!!!!
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