Fast powerful VST music production laptop with no wireless internet parts?


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I want a fast powerful laptop or net book that has no internal wireless parts so it can't be remotely activated/hacked. Even if I don't pay for internet service, internal wireless parts can be remotely activated. I'm guessing most laptops/net books from 2004ish and newer have internal wireless internet parts, so I need something older, but it must be fast and powerful to smoothly play full 1080 HD videos and mostly to run a bunch of high end CPU-sucking music production software VST synthesizers, effects, plus a host music sequencing program like Fruity Loops or Cubase. It must have an internet connection so I can install updates etc when I first start/after a reformat and then I'll unplug it. If I want to transfer something to my internet computer, I'll burn a cd/dvd. If I want to sample something from youtube or something, I'll record it through the headphones.

Max price is $500 used, but hope there's something around $250. I'll spend more if I must. If there's nothing powerful enough, I'll take suggestions for regular laptops/notebooks and not pay for internet and that's the best I can do. No Macs.

Thank you.


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You uh... you're a paranoid person if you believe that the possibilities of someone remotely activating your system are even remotely possible. Unless you're a spy for a nation that is in these kinds of situations, you wouldn't be getting a $500 laptop recommendation here.

$250 is too little for what you're asking, and $500 is pushing it as well.

Your best bet is somewhere starting around here: - ASUS A53E-EH31 Notebook Intel Core i3 2310M(2.10GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory DDR3 500GB HDD 5400rpm DL DVD±RW/CD-RW Intel HD Graphics

As for used, get on Ebay, get the most you can afford from a reputable reseller