Far cry 5 stuttering


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Good evening guys,i wanted to fix my problem about the far cry 5. The last months i upgraded my graphics card from rtx 2060 because it was faulty to a 5600 xt saphire pulse 6gb so i installed this game to c on a SSD!!!!!!!!! and then it happens the stuttering i tried everything dont try to tell me the usual steps because i had this problem for months and nothing all of that did work My Current Specs:
Cpu:Amd ryzen 5 3600x stock cooler 3.80 ghz
Gpu:Amd rx 5600xt sapphire pulse 6gb
PSU:thermaltake toughpower pf1 750w platinum
Mobo:Asrock b450 steel legend
Hdd:western digital 1.5 tb 5200rpm
Ssd:toshiba tr150 ocz 250 gb
ram:2x8 g skill aegis 3000mhz

Send a fix whatever,patch or something,I have a friend who has very potato pc and it plays it smoothly no stuttering explain me And this the only game where i'm having problem. The other games i play like forza horizon 4 cs go resident evil 2 remake pubg and red dead redemption 2 i play those games as smooth as butter


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My first thought would be to update your graphics driver and check for anything running in the background.
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