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I'm looking for a 3" fan that is relatively quiet has high airflow and has decent static pressure.

This isn't for a computer but figures y'all would know best what would be a good fan.

It's for an amp I built that I need to force air through to cool the heatsink. The chassis is an old car audio amp which was used due to it being aluminum which makes a nice heatsink. Had a built in fan but no real way for the air to get to the heatainks until I cut a hole in both so some air can flow to the heatsinks.

I figure pushing air through the amp is going to be a lot like pushing air through a radiator for liquid cooling if not a bit more restrictive to the airflow.

If need be to achieve the quietness and airflow i can stack two fans.
Devil's advocate here, but I'm assuming if you're pushing the amp hard enough to warrant cooling the sound from the speakers should drown out any fan noise, no?
Well normally yes, but any airflow will cause a change in the amp's idle current so the airflow has to remain constant.

Also I'm never going to have the amp at max output all the time.

Whichever fan is used ill be using a resistor to slow it down some based on how much noise it makes.

I might look into making the fan thermally controlled which means I can run it real slow at low power and as the heatsink heats up the fan will speed up. That way noise won't be much of an issue.
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