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I am new on here. I just recently upgraded my cpu. 4 years old, Compaq Precerio 512mb yaddy yaddy. Had a little fire in the office, my fault, everyone was alright though. Anyhow, the new case I have has the spots to have more fans hooked up, any size, but I bought 3 extra 120mm, big and a lot of air flow but hey can't go wrong with too much air flow. Every spot i have tried to hook it up to, they don't work.,Plus there isn't enough spots. Either way is there a adapter I can get for this issue, to hook up 3 more fans?

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you could connect them to the extra molex connecters inside the case (usually when you dont have another hard drive) you can use that one and get some kind of adapter like this...

Therefore the fans must be a three pin.. or you can connect it to the molex attached to that...

besides if it is a prebuilt manufactured system... they usually dont require more than the fans that they come with unless you are wanting it to run cooler...please post reply