Fake alerts


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I keep getting fake alerts on one of my PCs (Windows XP Pro sp2) such as "Your computer has detected spyware, it is recommended to use the spyware cleaner tool to scan for spyware/adware." These alerts are in the form of the little yellowish bubble (that they use in comic strips for dialogue) the points up from the system tray on the task bar... the same one that says "safe to remove hardware" when you stop a USB device.

I'm not asking which virus I have and how to delete it. I'm asking which system files are responsible for creating the bubble (even in normal, non-virus cases)? There has to be a way to stop the bubble all together even for normal Windows messages. I hate the bubble!
install and scan with the following AV/firewall/spo
-avg free
-avast fee
-spybot free
-comodo firewall pro free
-avira anti virus free
-bitdefender total security 2009 or -bitdefender 10 free depends if you have 32x or 64x as you cant install -bitdefender 10 free on 64x
-Ccleaner or -auslogics or both