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Hi Guys :D ,

The story's this - I'm planning to buy a second Xbox (more for the DVD playback, but with the bonus of the world's most powerful games console as well!) from a pal which is cluttered with his game saves and soundtracks etc., (but otherwise in mint condition for a steal of a price).

Anyway, rather than having to go through all the hassle of deleting each and every one individually, is there any quick and simple way to reboot the console to it's factory settings?

I've looked around the net and all I've found is this great site with the above 'reformatting' secret, which after trying on my own console, DOESN'T seem to work :confused: !

Can anyone here help?

Thanks and all the best to you all :D
Ã…nubis said:
Have at look at the XBox Secrets & FAQ's at the top of the XBox forum!

#6 Tells you how to format the HDD :D - which DOES work.

Thanks Anubis. However I HAVE tried this on BOTH my Xbox's and it does NOT work for me :mad:

So there's two options. Either I'm doing it wrong :confused: , OR when talking to a guy in the US, he said that the code was particular to the model/series of the console and that was why your code wouldn't work for me. He could be right, but I'm also willing to accept that I'm simply not doing it right.

So, ok, I go into SYSTEM SETTINGS at the main dash right? Then I run down the selection to SYSTEM INFO and select it? Then while looking at all the wonderful Microsoft info on the licensing etc., I use my controller to input the code on the Secrets & FAQ's page?

If I'm doing something wrong here, please let me know so I can correct it. And thanks for your time. :)
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