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Ok, I know this is a super broad topic but I would like to learn more about Facebook marketing and advertising on it. I know Facebook is the hot way to market today.

Now before you all see google it, I know that there are millions of websites that claim to teach how to do it, but I know that a lot of the are scammy type websites, false information or just plain out of date. I would like to know the following:

1. What are some good places or websites to learn the basics of facebook marketing and advertising


2. Do any of you have any experience with FB marketing? What are your best tips and tricks?

I am doing this for a local music store and would like to increase foot traffic in the store / get the name out there.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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For a local business, just starting a page and asking your friends and colleagues to share and like it would probably be more effective than paying for ad space.

offer periodic sales or specials via the page, and promote the page IRL via business cards and flyers as well.

Setup an Instragram, too. Post pictures of products, or do facebook contests. "Win a $100 gift card when you tag a photo of your instrument with #nicetiesmusicstore!"

Just a suggestion though I'm no exert. Most sites that claim to teach online marketing, SEO, etc are all scams in my experience.
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I think your assumption that facebook is the hot way to market today is inaccurate. I think a lot of businesses thought it would help but soon find out it isn't very good as a market versus places like Amazon and Ebay, etc. I think the sales made through facebook are extremely minimal at best and non existent in many cases.
How did you do your research as to the numbers of sales generated by facebook pages?


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FB is one of many strands of online marketing and is great when used with other social media to direct traffic to a website


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I understand that your interest in Facebook marketing and advertising is ongoing, even if the thread is a few years old. Facebook remains a powerful platform for marketing, and it's great that you want to learn more.


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While the thread is from 6 years ago, you can still find valuable resources and updated information on Facebook marketing. Reputable sources like Facebook's Business Resource Hub and Facebook Blueprint are continually updated, so they can provide you with the latest insights and strategies. If you're looking to enhance your Facebook page's engagement and reach, even after all this time, you can consider exploring options like purchasing cheap Facebook likes. There are services that offer a way to boost your page's visibility and potentially attract more customers to your local music store.
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