Fable, possibly the best rpg ?

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man i watched some trailers on this game , it looks like the perfect rpg the way you can choose your fate (good or evil etc ..)
I think HOPEFULLY it will be one of the best rpg's ever
the game has potential and is obviously been putting up alot of hype by the developers of the game claiming to be "the best rpg". I have no doubt that this will be a good game..but i don't think it'll ever be considered as one of the best rpg's.
The more i read about this game the more I want it it seems more and more amazing ,now that i read up on some of the things you can do
It could be RPG of the year but I have 2 problems with it already.
1. Plot is to kill raiders who killed your family. Needs improving.
2. From a preview, it only has 16 spells.

For a fantasy game, it needs more since NeverWinter Nights had lot more than that. It could be a new method for RPGs too. It is an experiment afterall.
at first, when the game was still in project (project ego) it looked amazing, and i thinnk it still does, but there are a few things, they already have been posted above, but yes shurly gona be one of the best. But this is the time when the new generation of games is comming, out, i wouldnt be surprised if new amazing rpg or w/e games come out now.
Fact is this game is ground breaking in more ways then any other RPG I can think of, and IÂ’m old! :)

Bottom line will come down to how well the innovations are implemented, and until we play it we wonÂ’t know.

As for the plot comment... I am personally tired of saving the world in ever game i play, a good old fashion revenge plot is refreshing. Also another note there is only 8 plot lines in the world people just change the variables

omg yea, that game is supposed to be KICKASS.

Gamespot.com has already reviewed it, and although I am too lazy to go and recheck what it got, I believe it got a score in the upper 80's, so it must be a great game.

That is definetely a must-buy for me.
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