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Heh cool forum u guys have biult here:cool: Well here is my first post, hope u guys can offer some sugestions:D

I have an ELSA Gladiac 920 (Ge Force 3 Procesor) video board instaled in my computer. The wierd problem taht my board is giving is that while it runs my games perfectly, no graphic problems etc... sometimes in the midlle of nowhere while i am playing one of my games my computer reeboots. The first time this happend, I thaught it was just a one in a life time glitch that might have ocured by me forcing to many tasks at once, but the problem continued, and not for only one game but for all of them. I always have my games patched to the latest versions and my video drivers along with BIOS, and other hardware updates are all ways up to date. I already have tried lowering to the minimum my video configurations, by deactivating Antialiaisng lowering to minimum my openg gl config etc...

I have already formated my hard drive and re-instaled windows to see if anything got fixed, still, no result. I also have tried re-instaling my games, and still no effect.
My hard drive is always at least 80% de-fragmented and I do regular scan disk runs, still the problem is there.

Here are my computer specs:
Athlon XP 1800
Motherboard: SY K7V Dragon Plus
Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Live!
Ram: 1 Samsung Chip 512meg
Video: ELSA Gladiac 920
Hard Drive: NTFS System, Maxtor 6L040J2 40gig Hard Drive
( i have 26 gig free space)
OS: Windows XP Profesional

Any one know what the problem might be?, if u have any kind of sugestion plese, DO TELL:D
well, cooling might be the problem!
As for the rebooting, I suggest you check the thread about Reebooting!
I have the same problem but I have Voodoo 2 graphics card. I am running a P4 1.6Ghz processor on Windows 2000. the only similarity is that I also have a Maxtor 6L040J2 40gig Hard Drive but mine is in Fat32 format. Any help would be appreciated.
@Sparda: If your PSU is less than 300 watts, there's your problem. Otherwise, WinXP automatically does this in case of error. Go into the Control Panel > System Properties > Advanced tab > scroll down to startup & recovery > Click Settings > Scroll down to System Failure and uncheck "Automatically restart."

@nick: What is your primary videocard? Try removing the Voodoo2 and see what happens. I've tried putting in a Voodoo2 with a GeForce3 card and I get no problems at all. Try converting your drive to NTFS as well, if possible, though it is a bit late (usually you should do it before installing W2K)
What is the differenct between NTFS and FAT32? I've never bothered to look into it really. Does it make much difference??
NTFS has journaling, which means no scandisk. Extra security, stability, smaller clusters, and not much slower than FAT32. Recommended if you are a networked comp/server. Still, some performance degradation can be seen after converting. No more FAT table corruption is the key there (as software, including drivers, can flop up).

Usually it won't make that much of a difference, but it's a tip.
Just don't convert yet unless you're ready.

For now, if you can find them, try reinstalling the reference 3dfx drivers for W2K. If you're using an ATI card as the primary display adapter - there's the problem. ATI's drivers don't tend to 'like' the 3dfx drivers... to say the least.
My Power suply is 500wats, and my cooler is a Vulcan 6t, keeps my Athlon XP at around 45 degrees C.

When I de-activate that re-booting option the error still happens, but instead of directly re-booting windows takes me to a blue screen saying a fatal error has ocured and that I must re-start.

Im starting to think that Il have to switch my video board T_T.
Is there anything else that can be the cause of the problem?
have you tried diferent versions of the video card drivers(not only the newest).

it looks like the card might have problem or some other component
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