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its ok Azury ... you helped a lot ...

may i know what will happen if i convert MP3 to WAV?

will it increase the quality?

Thanks in advance! ;)

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it is funny that you ask... heh.. take an orange and jump on it to make it juicey... now, after a while, try making a full orange from the juice ;) impossible, right?
anyways, for someone whose don't have a musical it may sound better after converting mp3 to wav, but it ain't..
you took a file, decreased it's quality, and unfortunally you can't increase it's quality again.. sorry m8, technology sux :D

Cheers (b) m8!

the easiest audio ripping software out there

Email me and ill try to send u a good older copy of it via email cuz i think u might have to pay for the newer ones
You can convert your CD's to 360kbps MP3, and it will have superb quality, I always do.
MMJB will do the job for you!
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