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Hi there guys ...

i may be an advance user on Apple Macintosh platform ... but i am nothing but a novice in the PC world and hope to get some help from you ...

All i want to do is just extracting the music from CDs to hard disk with the easiest way without any audio quality lost (i don't mind large file size) ... Any suggestion on what format and software to be use?

Thanks in advance! ;)

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Okay... I am an XP user... not very clued up about the Mac... but I am pretty sure you can get Music Match Jukebox for the Mac. It is a free download for the basic version. It will encode to mp3 and wav amongst others.

It is really simple to use... you just insert an audio CD, wait for the CDDB module to get the disc and track titles... and hit the record button. Okay... they are more options hidden in there... but that is basically it.
Thanks for the reply, Cadfael,

Actually what i asked was about extracting audio on Windows PC system (Windows 98) and not Mac ...

By the way, is there a Windows version of Music Match Jukebox that will do the same job? Also, as i know, MP3 is lower in quality ... Any format that offer the best quality after extracting from CD?

Thanks in advance! ;)

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Thanks Debaser ...

Please let me know if there still better alternative ... :)

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Audiograbber will do the work, though I belive you won't be able to fine the full version.. AudioCatalyst I think will do the work, too.. anyway, MMJB will do the work nicely, but you may find it pretty complicated for new users..
anyway, all programs are for PC, and mp3 ain't that bad quality when changing it to 192kbps (possible in MMJB, not so sure about Audiograbber for 192kbps...).

Cheers m8..
thanks Azury ...

but isn't MP3 lower in quality than AIFF? as i said, i don't actually mind how much disk space it occupy ... which is the best format by then?

as for the apps, i'll try to get it (in whatever way i could :p) ... by the way ... i can't get to install MMJB because whenever i try to open it ... the cursor just show the "clock" for a few seconds and then gone ...

anyway, any further help would be appreciated ... Thanks in advance! ;)

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Wav is the 'best' quality, because it is the one that is extracted the less then others.. 60-80 MG average per file (the size of an album in mp3 quality). I, personally, don't think 192kbps mp3 is so diffrent then the best quality of wav (ofcourse when converting the song to wav you need to tell the program what extraction you want, up to 3 Mega byte per minute, i think).
if you can't install mmjb then it might be an other problem, maybe post a a question in the Software suitable forum so peopel would help you.. your call.. I only know programs, not how to explain installing em :)
sorry that I couldn't help you get audiograbber, though you can download these freewares to convert the cd into wav files (I don't recommend using these programs to convert into mp3 files), enjoy:

FreeRip 1.21

CDex 1.4

OpD2d 1.1

enjoy m8,
Cheers (b) :D

download the one you wish, though it is arranged in 'possible-to-be-better' kind of way..

just a few questions left ...

will my Mac get to play .wav audio files? How does .wav differs from .aiff as i always use on Mac (iTunes) ...

Thanks in advance! ;)

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