External microphone problem


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I recently purchased a new laptop (Acer Aspire 6920) and am having a fine time with it, but I'm having a small issue with an external microphone. It is in fine working order (well, as fine as a $10 Nexxtech microphone can be) and works with my PC. However, when I attempt to record a sustained sound (such as a chord or something of the ilk), the volume of the recorded sound fades out and decays very quickly, less than a second after the chord is initially played. The rest of the sound is then recorded at this much, much lower "faded out" volume.

The microphone is too cheap to have any drivers, and I have tried a different microphone on this computer only to encounter the same issue.

Any ideas?

I'm currently running Windows Vista Home Premium, which I fear may be the root of my problem.

Thanks in advance.