External HD Won't Allow Bootup


Daemon Poster
Hey all,

Just bought my sister a Seagate FreeAgent 320GB External HD. I connected via USB in two different locations but the problem still exists. Everytime I boot up the computer, a screen pops up (like it normally does) asking me if I want to start in XP or in Safe mode, etc. I know this shouldn't always pop up, but that's how its always been on my sister's computer.

Anyway, I realized that with the Seagate connected to the computer, nothing responds. The computer doesn't start to automatically select XP and load it, and the keyboard doesn't respond to any input. Only way to fix this is to remove the connection, restart the computer, then connect the HD again after I reach the desktop.

Any ideas? I'd love to not worry about it and just leave it plugged in at all times.




In Runtime
Go in the bios and see if it is set to boot from usb before internal hard drives or cds. It is probably trying to boot from the external but there is no boot files so it just stops.