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Heya guys, this is the situation i want to run a copy of windows server off my laptop for all of my other systems.
I have a Acer Ferrari 3200 lappi, i dont want to partition my hardrive as i have read reviews that using win ser 2003 conflicts with xp home.
i think it is possible to use a USB 2 extrernal hardrive to run an OS, just checking with you guys.

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I'm not totally sure... but with winwods I don't think you can due to the files have to be buried pretty deep into the system... I know Linux can do it, but I don't think windows will let you... but again I am not totally sure...

Anyone else??? (shrug)


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Hi jon_w,

Ideally it can be set up to use a external HD to run an OS. But the main problem is the USB port will dramatically decrease the speed your pc will access windows files. If you have a 3.5" HD in an enclosure and don't want to make partitions, which you are correct about by the way in terms of WS_E conflicting with XPH_E, then I recommend taking out the HD from the enclosure and just connecting it internally. This way you will get normal speed, a normal OS set up, and an open USB port.

Hope this helped!
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