external hard drive issue

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i tried to plug my external HD Maxtor 500GB and it says unidentified bla bla does not recognized . anyone had this kind of problem before?
Try plugging it into a different comp and see what results you get.
Has this drive ever worked before on either computer? And which OS are you running?

I've recently hit an issue with one of my generic hard drive enclosures. In windows XP and on my mac no issues. But since upgrading my desktop to Win 7, it keeps coming up with device isn't recognised when using the Firewire port and very very very slow performance if any response when connected by USB. I suspect my issue is a driver update is required. Wondering if you are in a similar position?
yeh it was working before, running windows 7 ultimate and i checked the device manager>Other devices>unknown device. external HDD detected as unknown device though. i dont have any other OS than windows 7 so yeah i cant try it on any OS.
it plugs on normal usb on my pc so yeah. i tried to change the permissions but still doesnt work. :(
Does it have a power cord with it? I think your external's controller board is fried. try taking the drive out of the casing and dry hooking it up internally.
no i can tell its not fried because its still working just when i plugged it on my pc it says F: not accessible.
By fried, I don't mean broken to the point of unusable. I mean, something on the circuit board isn't working as intended.
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