Exporting music from windows media player

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Alright well I've got 11 gigs of music and a lot of it is unsorted, so this summer I plan on sifting through it and sorting it out. My question is does anyone know an easy way to export all of the music you have in windows media player to one location. Right now it is scattered all around my hard drive and I'd like to put it all in one spot so after I sort it it's easy to backup, while still retaining things like the artist name I will have to add in.
start -> search

tell the search to find only music files and to only return results that the files are over for example 2mb or 3mb. Copy and paste all of the files into 1 location..

After the successful completion of the copy, highlight all of the songs in the search window, and delete them.
Be careful! The search window updates itself when new files fulfilling search criteria show up so if you select everything without looking at them you might delete both old and copied ones!
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