Explorer, Keeps crushing. Help Needed.


Baseband Member
for some reason when i left click on a foulder that contance CGs and Animations the exporer just cruses and starts up agian.

The same things happens when i try to play fansub animations.

I read some fuorms and find out that it has something to do with the foulder view mode. and something about explorer try to show the Thumbnails of the first picture of the animations.

Any one know what i am talking about. if u do and know how to fix it.
please help me out.

thanks in advance.

P.S. is there anything i need to do. if i get a new hard drive for my computer. do i need to format it or anything. (i am useing it as a slave drive) Do i need a new fan to keep it cool? If so what kind fan do i need. My computer is sony PCV - RX550.