Exploit WMF Virus


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I had this, & deleted it from my programmes, but it left behind hidden components, which give me lots of pop-ups, in spite of having AdAware, so, as advised by members, I did both search & run,...nothing.
Probably sounds a silly question, should I do a M/Soft update?, if so, a general one, or, as I've heard they've just brought out a patch, go directly to that one.
I'm a bit cautious as usual, they usually say to d/load, then cover themselves, they say, "don't d/load if you feel it would be unsafe to do so,...what's all that about? :confused:



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That is usually just to cover there own tracks in case something bad happenes when you download the software.

If it's a registered site and a well known company it's usually pretty safe to download plus if you have a virus detector it will normally scan it first.