"EXE" virus


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On a recent download I picked up a virus I think it attacks applications when they are used.

But now my system will not boot,gets to windows load screen then re-boots in a loop, will not boot in safe mode either.

I have installed windows to a seperate HD, if I set my original drive to slave will the virus cross over to new drive or will i be able to rescue my files from the original drive and or clean the original drive.

XP home operating system

any advice much appreciated


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I doubt that the virus will jump between hardrives but what you should do is scan the infected drive when you install the operating system again then boot back on it if that doesn't work then maybe the virus corrupted it or something


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Sounds more like a faulty hard drive.
Possible, have you got SMART enabled and if so what's it's status? It's also completely possible though (and IMO probably more likely) that some of the windows system files have become corrupted through a virus or other means that would cause this problem.

If you put the hard drive in as a slave that'll be fine, just don't execute anything on it! It might be worth running chkdsk first though in case it sorts the problem out (if it's disk corruption preventing the boot then that might fix it.)