Evil monitor lines

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Monitor is ViewSonic A70f+

Hi! I'm having a great annoyance with these lines that appear on my monitor. They are vertical (going up and down) transparent swively lines on the left side of the screen. No matter which color depth or resolution I use, they remain there and swivel. It drives me crazy. Happened a long time ago out of the blue, but nobody could tell what the problem was. I should buy a new one, but I want to see if I can fix it before doing that.

I did find out, that if I put the "contrast" down to a certain level, they disappear, but that isn't ideal because it's way too dark. When I put the contrast up they start to appear and swivel. When I maximize a window and the constrast is at max, the lines do not swivel but are clearly visible. What are they and how do I get rid of them?

Here's my monitor's history. Once upon a time, I had cats and they loved to tug at my monitor data cable. One day the screen turned dark orange and I tried to contact view sonic to have the "built in cable" replaced. They said it was not covered in the warranty. (!@%#) So I cut the wire myself and attached a new one by twisting the wires together. It was a success after a 3 hour trial and error! About a year later these lines appeared. The same thing happened to my brother-in-law's monitor, only his cable wasn't cut like mine was. Could this actually be a power issue? Is my monitor not sucking up enough juice? My other brother's monitor seems to be working just fine though. :( hope someone knows what these lines are. Here's a snapshot!


As you can see, I used my webcam to take a snapshot. The image you see is 3 different shades of gray and a white strip on the top. You can see how the transparent vertical swivel lines appear in each color. It is really really annoying to me!
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