EVGA 512mb Nvidia Geforce 9800gtx power issue

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Hello all,

I have recently purcahsed a 9800gtx after numerous issues with my old ATI 3000 series card.

After buying 2 additional 6 pin PCI-E connectors and installing the card I was very pleased with the initial results. However after 5 minutes on COD 4 my 420W PSU unit sparked and blew.

I have been out and purcahsed a brand new G7 580W PSU and it's installed now. However, I am now getting a red light on the rear of my graphics card and I have tried various different combinations of wires/plugs inside my case with no joy whatsoever.

Just to make the point clearer - old PSU 420W = 65 fps on 3dmark06
new PSU 580W = 5 FPS on 3dmark06

I am not a complete noob to computers but any suggestions would be welcome, i'm sick of spending money to try and sort it!

Thanks in advance,
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