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Every Known file format, well, I hope

If you know of some more that arent on the list, add them!

A Object code library
A Library file (Unix)
AA Audible audio file (commonly used for downloadable audio books)
AAM Authorware shocked file
AAS Authorware shocked packet
AB Applix Builder file
ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font
ABK Backup file (PrintMaster Gold)
ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup
ABM Audio album file (HitPlayer)
ABO Applix Builder Turbo file
ABS MPEG Audio Sound file
ABS Standard GNU compiler output file for a PC platform
ABS Sometimes used to denote an abstract (as in an abstract or summary of a scientific paper) AutoBackup
ACA Project Manager Workbench file
ACA HTTP animation file (Microsoft Agent)
ACB ACBM Graphic image
ACC DR-DOS Viewmax file
ACD Character definiton file (Microsoft Agent)
ACE ACE Archiver Compression file
ACF HTTP character file (Microsoft Agent)
ACI ACI development appraisal (ACIWEB)
ACL Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator file
ACM Windows system directory file
ACM Interplay compressed sound file (Fallout 1,2, Baulder's Gate)
ACM Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
ACP Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file
ACR American College of Radiology file
ACS Character structered storage file (Microsoft Agent)
ACT Microsoft Office Assistant Actor file
ACT FoxPro Foxdoc Action Diagram
ACT Action Presentation
ACT Documenting wizard action diagram (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
ACV Used to Compress and decompress audio data
AD After Dark screensaver
Ada Ada source text file (non-GNAT)
ADB Ada source text body file (GNAT)
ADB HP 100LX Organizer Appointment database
ADC Scanstudio 16 color Bitmap Graphic file
ADD OS/2 adapter driver file used in the boot process
ADF Amiga disk file
ADI AutoCAD device-independent binary plotter file
ADL QEMM Mca adaptor description library
ADM After Dark MultiModule screensaver (Microsoft)
ADM Windows NT policy template
ADN Lotus 1-2-3 Add-In file
ADP Dynamic Page file (AOLserver)
ADP FaxWorks Faxmodem setup file
ADP Astound Dynamite file
ADR After Dark Randomizer screensaver
ADR Smart Address address book
ADS Ada source text specification file (GNAT)
ADT HP NewWave datafile for card applications
ADT AdTech Fax file
ADX Dynazip Active Delivery script
ADX Lotus Approach dBase Index
ADX Archetype Designer Document
ADZ Packed ADF file (Extracts with WinZip)
AE Author/Editor file (SoftQuad)
AEP ArcExplorer project file
AF2 ABC FlowCharter 2.0 Flowchart
AF3 ABC Flowchart
AFC Apple Sound file
AFI Truevision Bitmap graphic
AFM Adobe metrics
AFM HP NewWave Cardfile application
AG Applix graphic
AI Adobe Illustrator drawing
AI Corel Trace drawing
AIF Audio Interchange File, a sound format used by Silicon Graphics and Macintosh applications
AIFC Similar to AIF (compressed)
AIFF Similar to AIF
AIM AOL Instant Messenger Launch file
AIN AIN Compressed archive
AIO APL transfer file
AIS ACDSee Image Sequence
AIS Velvet Studio Instruments file
AIS Xerox Arry of Intensity Samples Graphic
AIX HP NewWave Cardfile Application data
AKW Contains all A-keywords in the RoboHELP Help Project Index Designer not associated with topics
ALAW European Telephony audio
ALIAS Alias Image
ALB JASC Image Commander album
ALI Document file (SAP proprietary format)
ALL Arts & Letters Library
ALL WordPerfect for Windows General printer information file
ALS Alias Image
ALT WordPerfect Library Menu
AM Applix SHELF Macro
AMF Music file (Advanced Module Format)
AMF DSMIA/Asylum module music (Crusader,No Remorse,Aladdin)
AMG AMGC Compressed archive
AMG ACTOR System image
AMI Annotation file (Cocreate SolidDesigner)
AMS Velvet Studio music module (MOD) file
AMS Extreme's Tracker module
AN Text file (Sterling Software) (Groundworks COOL Business Team Model)
ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors
ANI Microsoft Windows Animated cursor
ANM DeluxPaint Animation
ANN Windows 3.x Help annotation
ANS ANSI Text file
ANT SimAnt for Windows saved game
AOS Nokia 9000 Add-on software
AOT Applicatio binary object template file (ZenWorks snAPPshot)
AP Applix Presents file
AP WHAP Compressed Amiga archive
APC Compiled application file (Centura Team Developer)
APC Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver
APD Dynamic application library file (Centura Team Developer)
APD Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver
APF Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver
APF Project file (Allaire) (Created by Homesite)
API Application Program Interface; used by Adobe Acrobat
API Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver
APL Application library file (Centura Team Developer)
APL APL Workspace file
APP Normal mode application file (Centura Team Developer)
APP Symphony Add-in Application
APP Generated application or active document (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
APP dBase Application Generator Object
APP DR-DOS Executable Application
APP FoxPro Generated Application
APR ArcView project file
APR Employee Appraiser Performance Review file
APR Lotus Approach 97 View file
APS Microsoft Visual C++ file
APS Advanced patching systems with error checking, (Similar to IPS)
APT Lotus Approach Data view file
APT Text mode application file (Centura Team Developer)
APX Lotus Approach Paradox-Specific information file
APX Borland C++ Appexpert database
AQ Applix data
ARC LH ARC (old version) compressed archive
ARC SQUASH Compressed archive
ARF Automatic Response file
ARI ARI Compressed archive
ARI Aristotle audio file
ARJ Robert Jung ARJ compressed archive (ARJ)
ARK ARC File Archiver CPM/Port archive
ARL AOL v4.0 organizer file
ARR Atari Cubase Arrangement
ART Xara Studio drawing
ART Canon Crayola art
ART Clip Art
ART Ray Tracer file
ART First Publisher Raster graphic
ART AOL Image file compressed using the Johson-Grace compression algorithm
ARX ARX Compressed Archive
AS Applix Spreadsheet
ASA Microsoft Visual InterDev file
ASC ASCII text file
ASC PGP armored encrypted file
ASD WinWord AutoSave file
ASD Lotus 1-2-3 Screen driver
ASD Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) description file; opens with NSREX
ASD Astound Presentation
ASE Velvet Studio Sample file
ASF Music file (Electronic Arts)
ASF Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format
ASF StratGraphics Datafile
ASF Lotus 1-2-3 Screen font
ASH TASM 3.0 Assembly language header
ASI Borland C++/Turbo C Assembler Include file
ASM Assembler Language source file
ASM Pro/E assembly file
ASO Astound Dynamite Object
ASP Active Server Page (an HTML file containing a Microsoft server-processed script)
ASP Procomm Plus setup and connection script
ASP Astound Presentation
AST Astound multimedia file
AST Claris Works "assistant" file
ASV DataCAD Autosave file
ASX Cheyenne Backup script
ASX Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector file
ASX Video file
AT2 Aldus Persuasion 2.0 Auto Template
ATM Adobe Type Manager data/info file
ATT AT&T Group 4 bitmap
ATW AnyTime Deluxe for Windows personal information manager file from Individual Software MultiModule screensaver
AU Sun/NeXT/DEC/UNIX sound file
AU Audio U-law (pronounced mu-law)
AUD Audio file (Westwood Studios) (Kyrandia 3,C&C,RedAlert,C&C:TS)
AUX TeX/LaTeX Auxilliary Reference file
AUX ChiWriter Auxilliary Dictionary file
AVA Avagio Publication
AVB Inculan Anti-Virus virus infected file
AVI Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved file for Windows movie
AVR Audio Visual Research file
AVS Application Visualization System file
AVS Stardent AVS-X Image
AVX File Extension (ArcView)
AW HP AdvanceWrite Text file
AW Applix Words file
AWD FaxView Document image
AWK AWK Script/Program
AWM Animation Works Movie
AWR Telsis file for digitally stored audio
AWS StatGraphics Data file
AXL ArcIMS XML project file
AXT ASCII application object template (ZenWorks snAPPshot)
AXX ARJ compressed file from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)
A3L Authorware 3.x library
A4L Authorware 4.x library
A5L Authorware 5.x library
A3M Authorware MacIntosh file (unpackaged)
A4M Authorware MacIntosh file (unpackaged)
A4P Authorware file (packaged without runtime)
A3W Authorware Windows file (unpackaged)
A4W Authorware Windows file (unpackaged)
A5W Authorware Windows file (unpackaged)
B Applause Batch list
BAD Oracle bad file
BAK Backup file
BAL Ballade Music score
BAR dBase Application Generator Horizontal menu object
BAS BASIC source code
BAT Batch file
BB Papyrus Database backup
BBL TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic reference file
BBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap image
BBS Bulletin Board Sytem text
BCH Batch Process Object (dBase Application Generator)
BCH Datalex Entry Point 90 Data file
BCM Microsoft Works Communications file
BCO Bitstream Outline font description file
BCP Borland C++ Makefile
BCW Borland C++ 4.5 Environment settings file
BDB Microsoft Works Dababase file
BDF West Point Bridge Designer file
BDF Egret Datafile
BDR Microsoft Publisher Border
BEZ Bitstream Outline font description
BF2 Bradford 2 Font
BFC Windows 95 Briefcase Document
BFM Font Metrics file (Unix/Mainframe)
BFX Fax document file (BitFax)
BG Microsoft Backgammon Game file
BGA OS/2 Graphic array
BGI Borland Graphics Interface Driver
BGL Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery file
BHF pcAnywhere Host file
BI Binary file
BIB Bibliography file (ASCII)
BIB TeX/BibTeX Literature Database
BIB Database
BIF GroupWise initialization file
BIF Image Capture Board Binary Image black & white graphic
BIN Binary file
BIO OS/2 Bios file
BIT X11 Bitmap
BK Backup file (Generic)
BK JetFax Faxbook file
BK$ Backup file (Generic)
BK! WordPerfect for Windows Document backup
BK1 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 1
BK2 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 2
BK3 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 3
BK4 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 4
BK5 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 5
BK6 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 6
BK7 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 7
BK8 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 8
BK9 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 9
BKP TurboVidion Dialog Designer Backup
BKS IBM BookManager Read bookshelf file
BKS Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup
BKW FontEdit Fontset mirror image
BLB Resource archive (DreamWorks),(Neverhood)
BLD BASIC Bloadable picture file
BLK Alias Wavefront Image
BLK WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
BM Windows system Bitmap
BMF Corel Gallery file
BMK Windows Help bookmark
BMP Windows or OS/2 bitmap
BM1 Apogee BioMenace data
BN Instrument bank file (AdLib)
BNK Sound effects bank file (Electronic Arts)
BNK Instrument Bank file (AdLib)
BOL Compressed archive library file (Microsoft Booasm.arc)
BOM Bill of materials file (Orcad Schematic Capture)
BOO Microsoft Booasm.arc Compressed archive
BOOK Adobe FrameMaker Book
BOX Lotus Notes file
BPC Business Plan Toolkit Chart
BPL Borland Delphi 4 packed library
BPS Microsoft Works Document
BPT CorelDraw Bitmap fills file
BPX Truevision Targa Bitmap
BQY BrioQuery file
BR Bridge Script
BRD Eagle Layout file
BRK Brooktrout Fax-Mail file
BRW Application file associated with financial institution(s) loan applications
BRX A file for browsing an index of multimedia options
BRZ DbBRZ file for very large Db backup or restore
BSA BSARC Compressed archive
BSC Apple II Compressed archive
BSC Fortran Pwbrmake Object
BSC MS Developer Studio (MSDev) browser information
BSP Quake map file
BS1 Apogee Blake Stone data file
BS_ Microsoft Bookshelf Find Menu shell extension
BTM Batch file used by Norton Utilities
BTR Database file (Btrieve 5.1)
BUD Backup disk for Quicken
BUG Bugs and Problems file
BUN CakeWalk Audio Bundle (a MIDI program)
BUP Backup
BUT Buttons! Button definition
BUY Movie data file
BV1 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 1
BV2 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 2
BV3 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 3
BV4 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 4
BV5 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 5
BV6 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 6
BV7 Wordperfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 7
BV8 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 8
BV9 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 9
BW SGI Black and White image file
BW Silicon Graphics Raw red,green and blue bytes file
BWB Visual Baler Spreadsheet application
BWR Kermit Beware buglist
BWV Business Wave file
BZ Bzip compressed file (Inix)
BZ2 Bzip compressed file (Unix) (replaces Bz)
B1N 1st Reader Mono and color binary screen image
B30 ABC Ventura publisher printer font
B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file
B8 Raw graphic file (Piclab Plane II)
B_W Atari/Macintosh black and white graphic
B&W Atari/Macintosh black and white graphic
B&W 1st Reader Mono binary screen image
C C code
C Site configuration for Secure Remote (CheckPoint VPN)
CA Telnet Server Initial cache data file
CAB Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)
CAC dBase IV Executable file
CAD Softdesk Drafix Cad file
CAG Catalog file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 2.x,3.x,4.x)
CAL CALS Compressed Bitmap
CAL SuperCalc 4/5 Spreadsheet
CAL Calendar schedule data file
CAM Casio camera file
CAN Navigator Fax
CAP Ventura Publisher Caption
CAP Compressed music file
CAP Telix Session Capture file
CAR AtHome assistant file
CAS Comma-delimited ASCII file
CAT Quicken IntelliCharge categorization file
CAT dBase Catalogue file
CB Microsoft clean boot file
CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System file
CBF Vietcong (game) Pterodon big file
CBI Column binary file (used in IBM mainframe systems)
CBL Cobol Source code
CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap
CBR Comic book or paperback RAR file (decompress with RAR utility)
CBT Generic Computer based training file
CBZ Comic book or paperback ZIP file (decompress with WinZip or similar program)
CC Visual dBASE custom class file
CC C++ Source code
CC3 Close Combat 3 file?
CCA cc:mail archive file
CCB Visual Basic Animated Button configuration file
CCC Curtain Call Native bitmap graphic
CCE Data file (Calendar Creator Plus)
CCF Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2
CCF Symphony Communications Configuration file
CCH Corel Chart
CCL Intalk Communication Command Language
CCM Lotus CC:Mail "box" file (for example, INBOX.CCM)
CCO CyberChat data file
CCO XBTX Graphics
CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave cast file
CDA CD Audio Track
CDB Clipboard file
CDB CardScan Database (CardScan)
CDB TCU Turbo C Utilities Main database
CDB Conceptual model backup file (PowerDesigner)
CDF Netcdf Graphic file
CDF Microsoft Channel Definition Format
CDFS Compact Disk filing system (WindRiver)
CDI Phillips Compact Disk Interactive file
CDK Atari Calamus Document
CDM Conceptual model file (PowerDesigner)
CDM Visual dBASE custom data module
CDM Conceptual data model file (PowerDesigner Data Architect) (Sybase)
CDR Corel Draw Vector drawing file
CDR Raw Audio-CD data file
CDT Corel Draw template
CDT CorelDraw Data file
CDX Corel Draw compressed drawing
CDX Microsoft's Visual Foxpro index
CE The FarSide Computer Calendar Main CE file
CEF Cruzer encrypted file (used to secure files on Cruzer USB flash drives)
CEG Tempra Show Bitmap graphic
CEL CIMFast Event Language file
CEL AutoDesk Animator Cel Image
CER Certificate file (MIME x-x509-ca-cert)
CEX Caddie Exchange file
CF Imake Configurtion file
CFB Comptons Multimedia file
CFG Configuration file
CFL CorelFLOW Chart
CFM ColdFusion template
CFM Visual dBASE Windows customer form
CFM Corel FontMaster file
CFN Atari Calamus Font data file
CFO TCU Turbo C Utilities C form object
CFP The Complete Fax Portable fax file
CGA Ventura Publisher Display font file
CGI Common gateway interface script
CGM Computer Graphic Metafile
CH OS/2 configuration file
CH Clipper 5 Header
CH3 Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart
CH4 Charisma 4.0 Presentation
CHD FontChameleon Font descriptor
CHF pcAnywhere remote control file
CHI ChiWriter Document
CHK File fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk
CHK WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
CHL Configuration History Log
CHM Compiled HTML file
CHN Ethnograph Data file
CHP Ventura Publisher Chapter file
CHR Character Sets (Font file)
CHT ChartViewer file
CHT Harvard Graphics Vector file
CHT ChartMaster dBase Interface file
CIF CalTech Intermediate Graphic
CIF Easy CD Creator image
CIF pcAnywhere caller file
CIL Clip Gallery download package file
CIM Sim City 2000 file
CIN OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file
CIX TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data
CK2 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data
CK3 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data
CK4 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data
CK5 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data
CK6 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data
CKB Borland C++ Keyboard mapping file
CKF Casio Keyboard File
CL Generic LISP Source code
CL3 Layout file (Adaptec Easy CD Creator)
CLASS Java class
CLC TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger file
CLG Disk Catalog database
CLL Cricket Software Clicker File
CLO Cloe Image
CLP Windows Clipboard
CLP Quattro Pro Clip art
CLP Clipper 5 Compiler Script
CLR 1st Reader Binary color screen image
CLR PhotStyler Color defintion
CLS Visual Basic Class Module
CLS C++ Class Definition
CM Craftman Data
CMA Database file in plain text format (APPLIX TM1)
CMD Command file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file), OS/2
CMD DOS CP/M command file
CMD dBase-II program file
CMD 1st Reader External Command Menu
CMF Corel Metafile
CFM Creative FM-Music
CMG Chessmaster saved game
CMK Card Shop Plus file
CMM CEnvi Batch file
CMP Address document
CMP CorelDRAW 4.0 Postscript Printer Header
CMP Route 66 Address Document
CMP Microsoft Word for DOS User dictionary
CMR MediaPlayer Movie
CMV Corel Move animation
CMX Corel Presentation Exchange image
CMYK Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black bytes file
CNC CNC General Program data
CNF Configuration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other applications with varying internal formats
CNM Windows application menu options and setup file
CNQ Compuworks Design Shop file
CNT Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes
CNV Word for Windows Data conversion support file
CNV WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
CNV Conversion files (WS_FTP Pro) files that will be converted from (Example) "HTML-"HTM" for upload
COB trueSpace 2 object
COB COBOL Source code
COD Microsoft C compiler output as displayable machine language/assembler with original C as comments
COD FORTRAN Compiled code
COD dBase Application Generator Template source file
COD Video Text file
COL AutoDesk Animator Color Palette
COL Microsoft Multiplan Spreadsheet
COM Command file (program)
CON Simdir Configuration file
CP CryptoPad.NET Encrypted document
CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale image
CPD Corel PrintOffice file (drawing)
CPD Fax Cover document
CPD Complaints Desk Script
CPE Fax Cover document
CPF The Complete Fax (Fax file)
CPH Image file (Corel Print House) see CPO
CPI Microsoft MS-DOS code page information
CPI ColorLab Processed Image bitmap
CPJ CeQuadrant CD Project
CPL Control Panel Module
CPL Compel Presentation
CPL Corel color palette
CPM Turbo Pascal DOS file
CPO Image file (Corel Print Office)
CPP C++ Source code
CPP CA-Cricket Presents presentation
CPR Corel Presents presentation
CPS Central Point PC Tools Backup
CPS Coloured postscript
CPT Corel Photo-Paint image
CPT Macintosh Compressed Archive
CPT dBase Encrypted Memo
CPT CA-Cricket Presents Template
CPX Corel Presentation Exchange compressed drawing
CPY Data file (Copy Books)
CRC Circular reference file (Pro/Engineer)
CRC Check file (Win-SFV32)(Fantasia Software)
CRD Microsoft Windows 3.x Cardfile
CRF Zortech C++ cross-reference
CRH Image file (Microsoft Golf)
CRP Corel Presents run-time presentation
CRP Visual dBASE custom report
CRP dBase IV Encrypted database
CRS WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion resource
CRT Certificate file
CRT Oracle Terminal settings information
CRT Crontab file)
CRU CRUSH Compressed archive
CS1 Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
CS4 Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
CS16 Sinar CaptureShop raw file for Macintosh
CSA Comma deliminated text
CSC Corel script
CSG Statistica/w Graph file
CSH C shell script files (Hamilton Labs)
CSM Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled header
CSM Script file (Kodak Dc265 Camera)
CSO Customer service data and outcome file
CSP PC Emcee On-Screen image
CSS Stats+ Datafile
CSS Statistica/w Datasheet
CSS vCascading Style Sheet (MIME)
CST Macromedia Director "Cast" (resource) file
CSV Comma-separated values file
CSV CompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA Palette
CT Scitex CT bitmap
CT A graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor
CTC PC Installer Control
CTF Symphony Character code translation
CTL Used in general for files containing control information. FAXWorks uses it to keep information about each fax sent and received.
CTL dBase IV Control
CTX Visual Basic User control binary file
CTX Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Ciphertext file
CTX Microsoft Online Course Text
CUE Microsoft Cue Cards data
CUL Cursor library file (IconForge)
CUR Windows Cursor
CURSOR Sun Microsystems Cursor
CUT Dr Halo Bitmap
CV Corel Versions archive
CV Microsoft CodeView information screen
CVG Image
CVS Canvas drawing file
CWK Claris Works data
CWS Claris Works template
CXT Macromedia Director protected (not editable) "Cast" (resource) file
CXX C++ source code
C-- Sphinx C-- Source code
C00 Ventura Publisher Print file
C01 Typhoon wave
C86 Computer Innovation (C86) Source code
DAO Windows Registry Backup
DAP Data access page (Microsoft Access 2000)
DAT Data file
DAT A data file extension used to designate an error message in a inbound internet email message (Microsoft Exchange Server v 5.0)
DAT WordPerfect Merge Data
DAT Extension used for some MPEG files
DB Borderland's Paradox 7 table database
DBC Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
DBF A dBASE file, a format originated by Ashton-Tate, but understood by Act!, Clipper,FoxPro, Arago, Wordtech, xBase, and similar database or database-related products.
DBF Enable database (can be opened with Excel 97)
DBF Oracle 8.1.x tablespace file
DBK dBase Database Backup
DBK Schematic backup file (Orcad Schematic Capture)
DBO Compiled program file (dBase IV)
DBQ Paradox Memo
DBS Managing Your Money data file
DBS Microsoft Word printer description file
DBS PRODAS data file
DBS SQL Windows database
DBT dBase Text Memo
DBV Memo field file (Flexfile 2)
DBW Microsoft Windows 9.x Database file (DataBoss)
DBX DataBeam image
DBX Outlook Express mail folder?
DBX Microsoft's Visual FoxPro Table file
DC CAD file (DesignCAD)
DC2 CAD file (DesignCAD)
DCA Document Content Architecture Text file (IBM DisplayWrite)
DCA Visual Basic Active designer cache
DCF Disk Image file
DCF Data file (Dyadic)
DCIM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (image and data)
DCM DCM module
DCP Data CodePage (OS/2)
DCR Shockwave file
DCS Desktop Color Separation file
DCS Bitmap Graphics (Quark XPress)
DCS Datafile (ACT! Activity file)
DCT Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
DCT Database Dictionary file (Clarion Database Developer)
DCT Database SpellCheck Dictionary (Harvard Graphics 3.0-Symphony)
DCU Delphi compiled unit
DCX Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file
DCX Fax image (based on PCX)
DCX Macro file
DCX Bitmap Graphics file (Multipage PCX)
DC5 DataCAD Drawing
DD Compressed Archive (Macintosh DISKDOUBLER)
DDB Bitmap Graphics file
DDF Btrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition File, which contains metadata describing a Btrieve or Xtrieve file
DDIF Digital Equipment or Compaq file. Used for storing images and their word processing documents
DDP Device Driver Profile (OS/2)
DEB Debug Script (DOS Debug)
DEF SmartWare II data
DEF Define Module file (3-D Fassade Plus)
DEF C++ definition file
DEF Assembly Header file (Geoworks)
DEFI Oracle 7 de-install script
DEM Demo file (Descent)
DEM A file with USGS standards for Digital Elevation Models (Vista Pro)
DEM Graphics file (Vista Pro)
DEP Visual Basic Setup Wizard Dependency file
DER Certificate file
DEV Device Driver
DEWF Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument file
DEZ Encrypted zip file (DES Encryption)
DFD Data Flow Diagram Graphic (Prosa)
DFI Outline Font description (Digifont)
DFL Default Program Settings (Signature)
DFM Data Flow Diagram model (Prosa)
DFS Sound File (Delight)
DFV Printing Form value (Microsoft Word)
DGN Bentley Systems drawing file
DGN Microstation95 CAD drawing
DGS Diagnostics Report
DH Dependency Information file (Geoworks)
DHP Graphic file (Dr. Halo II-III PIC Format)
DHT Datafile (Gauss)
DIA Diagraph Graphics file (Computer Support Corporation)
DIB Device-independent bitmap
DIC Dictionary file
DIC Dictionary file (Lotus Notes, Domino)
DICM Digital imaging and communications in medicine file (DICOM)
DIF Data Interchange Format spreadsheet
DIF Database file (VisiCalc)
DIF Data Interchange Output file
DIF Text file (Output from Data Interchange Format)
DIG Digilink file
DIG Sound Designer I audio
DIP Graphics file
DIR Macromedia Director file
DIR Dialing Directory (ProComm Plus)
DIR Directory (VAX) (DEC)
DIR Movie (MacroMind Director 4.x)
DIS Ray Tracer file
DIS Distribution file (VAX Mail)
DIS Thesaurus file (CorelDraw)
DIZ Description file (Description in ZIP)
DJS Data Junction Integration map
DJS NASCAR Thunder game music file
DJVU DjVu compressed image file
DKB Graphics file (Ray Traced DKBTrace)
DL Image
DLD Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)
DLG C++ Dialogue Script
DLL Dynamic-link library file
DLL Export/Import Filter (CorelDraw)
DLS Downloadable sound
DLS Interactive music architecture (IMA)(Microsoft),(Blood2)
DLS Setup file (Norton DiskLock)
DMD Visual dBASE data module
DMF Packed Amiga disk image
DMF X-Trakker music module (MOD)
DMG Macintosh disk image file (copy of contents of a hard disk or CD)
DMO Demo file (Derive)
DMP Dump file (Screen or Memory)
DMS Compressed Archive (Amiga DISKMASHER)
DOB Visual Basic User document
DOC FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
DOC WordStar document
DOC WordPerfect document
DOC Microsoft Word document
DOC DisplayWrite document
DOC Document format (Interleaf)
DOG Screen Saver file (Laughing Dog Screen Saver)
DOH Dependency Information file (Geoworks)
DOS External Command file (1st Reader)
DOS Network Driver file (PKT_DIS.dos)
DOS Text file (DOS)
DOT Word Document Template (Microsoft Word for Windows)
DOT Line-Type definition (CorelDraw)
DOX User document binary form (Visual Basic)
DOX Text file (MultiMate 4.x)
DOZ Description out of Zip (VENDINFO)
DP Calendar file (Daily Planner)
DP Datafile (DataPhile)
DPL Borland Delphi 3 packed library
DPR Project header (Borland C++)
DPT Publication file (Publish-It!)
DRA Dragon NaturallySpeaking file
DRAW Acorn's object-based vector image
DRC Design rules check report file (Orcad Schematic Capture)
DRS Display Resource file (WordPerfect for Windows)
DRV Driver
DRV Device Driver (Required to make a device function)
DRW Caddie CAD drawing
DRW Lotus Freelance image
DRW Micrografx vector graphics file
DRW Pro/E drawing
DS4 Micrografx Designer Image
DR9 Directory file
DS4 Vector Graphics (Micrografx)
DSC Discard file (Oracle)
DSD Database file (DataShaper)
DSF Micrografx Designer v7.x file
DSG DooM saved game
DSK Project Desktop file (Borland C++/Turbo Pascal)
DSK Driver file (Novell Netware)
DSM Dynamic Studio music module (MOD)
DSM Digital Sound Module (DSI)
DSM Music module file (DSIK)
DSN ODBC Data source
DSN Design (Object System Designer)
DSN Schematic file (Orcad Schematic Capture)
DSP Microsoft Developer Studio project
DSP Display parameters (Signature)
DSP Graphics Display driver Dr. Halo)
DSR Visual Basic Active designer file
DSR Driver Resource (WordPerfect for Windows)
DSS Screensaver file (DCC)
DSS Digital Sound file (Digital Soup))
DST Embroidery machines graphic file
DST Distribution file (PC-RDist, by Pyzzo)
DSW Desktop settings (Borland C++ 4.5)
DSW Microsoft Developer Studio workspace file
DSX Visual Basic Active designer binary file
DT_ Data file fork (Macintosh)
DTA World Bank's STARS data
DTA Datafile (Turbo C++)
DTD SGML Document Type Definition (DTD) file
DTED Digital terrain elevation data (geographic data format)
DTF Database file (PFS-Questions & Answers)
DTF Symantec Q&A relational database
DTM Module file (DigiTrakker)
DTP Desktop layout file (SecurDesk!/SecurDesk! LV)
DTP Text Document (Timeworks Publisher 3.x)
DTP Template file (Pressworks)
DUN Microsoft Dial-up Networking Export file
DUP Duplicate Backup
DUS Readiris font dictionary
DV Digital video (MIME)
DVC Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)
DVF Graphics file associated with camcorders (DV Studio)
DVI Binary file (TeX)
DVI Device Independent Document (TeX) (LaTeX)
DVP Desqview Program information (DESQview)
DVP Device parameter file (AutoCAD)
DW2 Drawing file (DesignCAD for Windows)
DWC Compressed Archive (DWC)
DWD DiamondWare digitized file
DWF Vector graphic (Autodesk)
DWF Drawing Web file (Microsoft WHIP autoCAD reader)
DWG AutoCAD Drawing
DWG AutoCAD drawing, or older Generic CAD drawing file
DWP Document file (DeScribe)
DWS Workspace file (Dyadic)
DX Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data exchange file
DXF Drawing Interchange (eXchange) format,a text representation of the binary DWG format
DXF Drawing Interchange Format (AutoCAD)
DXF Data Exchange File
DXN Fax document (Fujitsu dexNet)
DXR Macromedia Director protected (not editable) movie file
DYN Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)
D2D 2D/3D object file (3-D Fassade Plus)
D64 Commodore 64 emulator disk image
e00 Exchange file (Arc/Info)
EBJ Error Checking Object file (Geoworks)
ED5 EDMICS image
ED6 EDMICS image
EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image
EDB ROOTS3 Geneological data file
EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image
EDD Element Definition document (FrameMaker+SGML documents)
EDK Ensoniq KT disk image
EDQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image
EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image
EDT Default settings (VAX Edt editor)
EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image
EEB Button Bar for Equation editor (WordPerfect for Windows)
EFA Ensoniq ASR file
EFE Ensoniq EPS file
EFK Ensoniq KT file
EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file
EFS Ensoniq SQ80 file
EFT High Resolution Screen Font (ChiWriter)
EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD file
EFX Fax Document (Everex EFax)
EFX Fax document (Efax Reader)
EGA EGA Display font (Ventura Publisher)
EGM Bentley Systems drawing file
EL Lisp Source code (eMacs)
ELC eMac Lisp Source code (byte-compiled)
ELM Theme-Pack file for (Microsoft FrontPage)
ELT Event List Text file (Prosa)
EMAIL Microsoft Outlook Express mail message (save to desktop, scan for viruses, then convert to an EML file before opening)
EMB Embedded bank File (Everest)
EMD ABT Extended MoDule
EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
EML Microsoft Outlook Express mail message (MIME RFC 822)
EMS Enhanced Menu System Configuration file (PC Tools)
EMU Terminal Emulation Data file (BITCOM)
EMZ Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile, a graphic format used in Office and Visio
ENC Music file (Encore)
ENC Video file
ENC Encoded file (UUENCODEd File, Lotus 1-2-3)
END Arrow-Head Definition Table (CorelDraw)
ENFF Neutral Format
ENG Dictionary Engine file (Sprint)
ENG Chart Graphics file (EnerGraphics)
ENV Enveloper Macro (WOPR)
ENV Environment file (WordPerfect for Windows)
EPD Publication file (Express Publisher)
EPHTML Enhanced Perl-parsed HTML
EPI Document file (Express Publisher)
EPS Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)
EPS Printer font (Epson, Xerox, Ventura Publisher)
EPS2 Adobe Level II Encapsulated Postscript
EPS Encapsulated Postscript image file
EPSF Encapsulated PostScript
EPSI Adobe Encapsulated Postscript Interchange
EQN Equation file (WordPerfect for Windows)
ER1 ERWin file
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file (Prosa)
ERM Entity Relationship Diagram Model file (Prosa)
ERR Stores the error messages that result when the RoboHELP Help Compiler attempts to compile the source files of a Help system
ERR Compilation error file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
ERX ERWin file
ESH Extended Shell Batch file (DOS)
ESL Distributable support library file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
ESPS ESPS audio file
ESU ESRI Single Use License Information file
ETH Document file (Ethnograph 3.x)
ETX Structure Enhanced text (SetText)
EUI Ensoniq ESP family compacted disk image
EVT Event Log (Microsoft Windows NT, 2000)
EVY Document (WordPerfect for Windows Envoy)
EWD Text Document (Express Publisher for Windows)
EWL Microsoft Encarta document
EXT2 Second extended file system (Linux)
EXT3 Third extended file system (Linux)
EX3 Device Driver file (Harvard Graphics 3.x)
EXC Microsoft Word Exclusion Dictionary file
EXC Source Code file (Rexx VM/CMS)
EXC Exclude file for Optimize (do not process, QEMM)
EXE Executable file (program)
EXP Saved chat (ICQ)
EXT ASCII binary transfer file (WS_FTP PRO) (IPSWITCH Software)
EZP Compressed file (Edify.zip) (Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility)
E00 Coverage export file (ArcInfo)
F Compressed file archive (FREEZE)
FAC Face graphic
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions document
FAR Music module (MOD) (Farandole Composer)
FAS Basic module file (3-D Fassade Plus)
FAV Navigation bar (Microsoft Outlook)
FAX FAX Type image
FBK Backup (Navison Financials)
FC Spell Check dictionary file (Harvard Graphics)
FCD Virtual CD-ROM file
FCM Binary file patch (Forward Compression)
FD Declaration file (FORTRAN)
FD Field offsets for compiler (DataFlex)
FDB Database (Navison Financials)
FDF Forms Document (Adobe Acrobat)
FDW Document form (F3 Design and Mapping)
FEB Button Bar for Figure Editor (WordPerfect for Windows)
FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh
FF Outline Font description (AGFA CompuGraphics)
FFA MS find fast file
FFF Fax document (defFax)
FFF GUS PnP bank file
FFL MS fast find file
FFL Image file (PrintMaster Gold)
FFO MS fast find file
FFT Final Form Text (part of IBM's DCA)
FFX MS fast find file
FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 drawing (Vector graphic)
FH4 Aldus Freehand 4 drawing (Vector graphic)
FH9 Macromedia Freehand 9 graphic file
FI File Interface (FORTRAN)
FIF Fractal Image
FIL File template (Application Generator)
FIL File List Object (dBase Application Generator)
FIL Overlay (WordPerfect for Windows)
FILE AS/400 physical file
FIN Print formatted text (Perfect Writer)
FIT Graphic (FITS)
FIT File index table (Microsoft Windows NT)
FITS CCD camera image
FITS Flexible Image Transport System file
FIX Patch file (Generic)
FKY Macro (Microsoft FoxPro)
FLA Movie (Macromedia Flash)
FLB Format library (Papyrus)
FLC FLIC animation (AutoDesk)
FLD File folder (Charisma)
FLD Field define module file (3-D Fassade Plus)
FLF Delived form (Corel Paradox)
FLF License (Navison Financials)
FLI FLIC animation (AutoDesk)
FLI Font library (EmTeX)
FLF Driver (OS/2)
FLL Distributable dynamic link library (DLL) (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
FLM Film Roll (AutoCAD)
FLO FlowCharter file (MicroGrafx)
FLS Filelist document (Farrukh Imposition Publisher)
FLT Graphics filter (Microsoft)
FLT Filter (Corel)
FLT Filter (Micrografx Picture Publisher)
FLT Graphics filter support file (Asymetrix ToolBook)
FLT Music module (MOD) (StarTrekker)
FLT Open Flight file (MulitGen)
FLX Compiled binary file (DataFlex)
FM Spreadsheet (FileMaker Pro)
FM FrameMaker Document (Adobe)
FM1 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, version 2.x)
FM3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics, version 3.0)
FM3 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, version 3.x)
FMB Binary source code for form, (Oracle, v4.x and later)
FMB File Manager button bar (WordPerfect for Windows)
FMF Font or Icon (IBM LinkWay)
FMK MakeFile (FORTRAN PowerStation)
FML Mirror list (Oracle)
FMO Compiled format (dBase IV)
FMP Document file (FileMaker Pro)
FMT Text format for form file (Oracle, v4.x and later)
FMT Print file (Microsoft Schedule+)
FMT Style sheet (Sprint)
FMT Csreen format file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
FMX Executable form, (Oracle,v4.x and later)
FN3 Font (Harvard Graphics)
FNC Functions file in a neural network application
FNC Fixed neighbors constraint file in RMC++ application
FND Saved Search (Find applet) (Microsoft Explorer)
FNG Font group (Font Navigator)
FNK Module (FunkTracker)
FNT Font (Generic)
FNX Inactive font (Exact)
FO1 Font (Borland Turbo C)
FO2 Font (Borland Turbo C)
FOG Fontographer font
FOL Saved message folder (1st Reader)
FON Font (Generic)
FON Call log (Procomm Plus)
FON System font (Generic)
FON Dialing directory (Telix)
FOR FORTRAN source code
FOR Form (WindowBase)
FOT Font-related file (Generic)
FOT Installed TrueType font (Microsoft Windows Font Installer)
FP Configuration file (FoxPro)
FP FileMaker Pro file
FP1 "Flying Pigs" screensaver datafile (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
FP3 FileMaker Pro v.3 & 4 document file
FP5 Document file (FileMaker Pro v.5)
FPC Catalog file (FoxPro)
FPT FileMaker Pro file
FPT Memo fields (Microsoft FoxPro)
FPW Floorplan drawing (FloorPlan Plus for Windows)
FPX Bitmap (FlashPix)
FR3 Renamed dBaseIII+ form (dBase IV)
FRF Font (FontMonger)
FRG Uncompiled report (dBase IV)
FRK Zip (compressed ) file (Macintosh)
FRM Form (Generic)
FRM Document (FrameMaker or FrameBuilder)
FRM Executable file (Oracle,v3.0 and earlier)
FRM Form (Visual Basic)
FRM Merge form (WordPerfect for Windows)
FRM Symbol Report (DataCAD)
FRO Compiled report (dBase IV)
FRP Form (PerForm PRO Plus)
FRS Screen Font Resource (WordPerfect for Windows)
FRT Report menu (FoxPro)
FRX Form stash file (Visual Basic)
FRX Report (Microsoft FoxPro)
FSF fPrint Audit Tool
FSL Paradox 7 form (Borderland)
FSL Form (Paradox for Windows)
FSL Saved form (Corel Paradox)
FSM Sample file (Farandoyle)
FST Linkable program (dBFast)
FSX Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
FT Full text index (Lotus Notes)
FTB Index file (Roots3)
FTF Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Client to Server)
FTG Help system full-text search group file (Microsoft Windows)
FTM Font (MicroGrafx)
FTP File transfer protocol (Internet Generic)
FTS Help system full-text search index (Windows)
FTW Document file (Family Tree Maker)
FW Database (Framework II)
FW2 Database (Framework II)
FW3 Database (Framework III)
FW4 Database (Framework IV)
FWB Data file backup for file splitting configuration (FileWrangler)
FWP Microsoft FrontPage Web package (archive format for Web site content)
FWS Data file for file splitting configuration (FileWrangler)
FX On-Line guide (FastLynx)
FXD Phonebook (FAXit)
FXP Compiled source code (FoxPro)
FXS Fax Transmit graphic (WinFax)
FZB Bank dump file (Casio FZ-1)
FZF Full dump file (Casio FZ-1)
FZV Voice dump file (Casio FZ-1)
F01 Fax document (Perfect Fax)
F06 Dos screen text font (height= 6 pixels)
F07 Dos screen text font (height= 7 pixels)
F08 Dos screen text font (height= 8 pixels)
F09 Dos screen text font (height= 9 pixels)
F10 Dos screen text font (height= 10 pixels)
F11 Dos screen text font (height= 11 pixels)
F12 Dos screen text font (height= 12 pixels)
F13 Dos screen text font (height= 13 pixels)
F14 Dos screen text font (height= 14 pixels)
F15 Dos screen text font (height= 15 pixels)
F16 Dos screen text font (height= 16 pixels)
F2R Linear music module (Farandole)
F3R Blocked music module (Farandole)
F77 Source code file (FORTRAN 77)
F90 FORTRAN file
F96 Fax document (Frecom FAX96)
G Data chart (APPLAUSE)
GAL Album (Corel Multimedia Manager)
GAM Fax document (GammaFax)
GB Emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)
GBC Color emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)
GBL Global definitions (VAXTPU Editor)
GC1 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
GC3 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
GCD Generic (TM) CADD drawing (later versions)
GCP Image processing file (Ground Control Point)
GDB Database file (InterBase)
GDF Dictionary file (GEOS)
GDM Bells, whistles, and sound boards module
GED Genealogical data (GEDCOM)
GED Graphic Environment Document (drawing)
GED Graphics editor native format (Arts & Letters)
GED Graphics editor file (EnerGraphics)
GEM Metafile (GEM)
GEM Vector graphics (Ventura Publisher)
GEN Generated text (Ventura Publisher)
GEN Compiled template (dBase Application Generator)
GEO Geode (Geoworks)
GetRight Unfinished-Download (GetRight)
GFB Compressed gif image (GIFBLAST)
GFC Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart
GFI Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GFT Font (NeoPaint)
GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GHO Symantec ghost image file
GHS Symantec ghost segment file (automatically spanning files over 2 GB in size)
GIB Chart (Graph-in-the-Box)
GID Windows 95 global index (containing help status)
GIF Bitmap (CompuServe)
GIM Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GIW Presentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)
GIX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GKH Ensoniq EPS family disk image
GKS GripKey document (Gravis)
GL Animation file (GRASP graphical System for Presentation)
GBL Global file?
GBM Genie Backup Manager file
GLB Textured 3-D scene file format?
GLB Microsoft Exchange Server resynchronization file
GLM Datafile (Glim)
GLS Datafile (Across)
GLY Glossary (Microsoft Word)
GMP Tile map (Geomorph) (SPX)
GMR Graphical monitor record (Schlafhorst Automation)
GNA Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GNO Genealogy document file (Genopro)
GNT Generated executable code (Micro Focus)
GNX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GOC Goc sorce code (Geoworks)
GOH Goc header (Geoworks)
GP Geode parameter file (Geoworks Glue)
GPH Graph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
GPK Program package (Omnigo)
GPP Graph paper application file (GraphPap) (Generates graph paper)
GR2 Screen driver (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
GRA Graph (Microsoft)
GRA Datafile (SigmaPlot)
GRB Shell Monitor (MS-DOS v5.0)
GRD Image processing grid (CHIPS)
GRF Grapher (Golden Software) graph
GRF Graph (Charisma Graph Plus)
GRP Program Manager Group (Microsoft)
GRP Pictures group (PixBase)
GRY Raw graphic (GREY)
GS1 Presentation (GraphShow)
GSD Vector graphic (Professional Draw)
GSM Audio stream Raw GSM (6.10 audio stream)
GSM Audio stream Raw 'byte aligned (GSM 6.10 audio stream)
GSM GSM w.o. header/VoiceGuide/RapidComm file (US Robotics voice modems)
GSM GSM w. header/QuickLink file (US Robotics voice modems)
GSP Sketch pad file (GeoMeter Sketch Pad)
GSP Zip file (Gnuzip) (Allows for output to html)
GSW Worksheet (GraphShow)
GTH Lotus Domino document manager file?
GTH IBM Gatherer file
GTK Music module (Graoumftracker) (old) (MOD)
GT2 Music module (Graoumftracker) (new) (MOD)
GUP Data (PopMail)
GVL RCL Software Gravel (astronomy simulator) file
GWI Novell GroupWise file?
GWP Greetings WorkShop (now Microsoft Picture It) file
GWX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GWZ Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GXL Graphics library (Genus)
GZ Compressed file (Unix gzip)
G721 Raw CCITT G.721 //$bit ADPCM data
G723 Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM data
G8 Raw Graphics (one byte per pixel) Plane III (PicLab
H Program header (C)
HA Compressed archive (HA)
HAM Driver file (Novell Netware)
HAM Vector graphics saved file (Amiga)
HAP Compressed archive (HA)
HBI Handy Backup file
HBK Handbook (MathCad)
HBK Accounting data file (Humanic Software)
HCM Configuration file (IBM HCM)
HCOM Sound Tools file (HCOM)
HCR Production configuration file (IBM HCD/HCM)
HDF National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Geospatial Hierarchical Data
HDF Help file (Help development kit)
HDL Alternate download listing (ProComm Plus)
HDR Database header (Pc-File+)
HDR Datafile (Egret)
HDR Message header text (ProComm Plus)
HDR Message header text (1st Reader)
HDW Vector graphics (Harvard Draw)
HDX Help index (AutoCAD)
HDX Help index (Zortech C++)
HED Document (HighEdit)
HEL Hellbender saved game (Microsoft)
HEX Macintosh BinHex 2.0 file
HFI HP font info (GEM)
HGL Drawing file (HP Graphics Language)
HH Help system map (Generic)
HH Header file (C++)
HHH Precompiled header (Power C)
HHP Help information for remote users (ProComm Plus)
HIT Audio file (HitPlayer)
HLB Help library (VAX)
HLP Help file (Generic)
HLP Windows Help file (DataCAD)
HMI Human machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)
HMM Alternate mail read option menu (ProComm Plus)
HMP Human machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)
HNC Program files (CNC)
HOG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
HOG Mission file (Descent 1-2)
HOG Main data package file (Descent3)
HOT Document file (HotSend)
HP8 Ascii text Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)
HPC Font language file (Hewlett-Packard)
HPF HP LaserJet font (Adobe Pagemaker)
HPF Partial download file (HotLine)
HPG HPGL Plotter vector graphics (AutoCAD)
HPG HPGL Plotter vector graphics (Harvard Graphics)
HPI Font information (GEM)
HPJ Help Project file (Visual Basic)
HPK Compressed archive (HPACK)
HPM Emm text (HP NewWave)
HPM Alternative menu for privileged users (ProComm Plus)
HPP Program header (C++)
HPP Header file (Zortech C++)
HQX BinHex (Macintosh 4.0)
HRF Rastor graphic (Hitachi)
HRM Alternate menu for limited users (ProComm Plus)
HS2 Monochrome image (Postering)
HSC FM synthesized music file (Used by many old games, e.g.:FINTRIS, ROL)
HSI Graphic (Handmade Software, Inc.)
HST History file (Generic)
HST History file (ProComm Plus)
HT HyperTerminal file
HTA A HTML file that has been used to by viruses to update the system registry
HTM A Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)
HTML A Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)
HTT Hypertext template (Microsoft)
HTX Template (Extended HTML)
HWD Presentation (Hollywood)
HWP Korean word processor document format (HanGul)
HXM HAM extension (Descent2)
HXM Alternate protocal selection menu (ProComm Plus)
HXX Header file (C++)
HY1 Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)
HY2 Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)
HYC Datafile (WordPerfect for Windows)
HYD Hyphenation dictionary (WordPerfect for Windows)
HYM 3D Image binary file (Hymarc Scandata Scanner)
HYP Compressed archive (HYPER)
H! On-line Help (Flambeaux Help!)
H++ Header file (C++)
H-- Header file (Sphinx C--)
I Intermediate file (Borland C++)
IAN Text file (Sterling Software) (Groundworks COOL Business Team Model)
IAX Bitmap (IBM Image Acess eXecutive)
IBM Compressed archive (ARCHDOS, IBM Internal only)
ICA Citrix file
ICA Bitmap graphic (Image Object Content Architecture)
ICB Targa bitmap
ICC Printer file (Kodak)
ICC Catalog file (IronClad)
ICD Drawing file (IronClad)
ICL Icon Library (Generic industry standard)
ICM Image Color Matching profile
ICN Icon source code
ICO Icon (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
ICS Scene file (IronClad)
ID Disk identification file (Generic)
IDB Intermediate file (Microsoft Developer)
IDD MIDI Instrument Definition
IDE Project file (Borland C++ v4.5)
IDF MIDI Instrument Definition (Windows 95 required file)
IDIF Identification file (Netscape saved address book)
IDL OMG Interface Definition Language (IDL) file
IDW Vector graphic (IntelliDraw)
IDX Relational database index (Microsoft FoxPro)
IDX Relational database index (Symantec Q&A)
IDX Microsoft Outlook Express file
IDX Index file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 1.x)
IDX Index file (Pro/Engineer)
IFD Form (JetForm Design)
IFD Adobe Output Designer forms definition source file
IFF Interchange file, (general purpose data storage format))
IFF Image (Sun TAAC/SDSC Image Tool)
IFO Digital Video Disk (DVD) datafile
IFO Graphic object layer data (ImageForge Pro)
IFP Script file (KnowledgeMan)
IFS Compressed fractal image (Yuvpak)
IFS System file (OS/2)
IFS Create executable library (ImageForge/ImageForge Pro)
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (Generic)
IGF Metafile (Inset Systems)
IIF Interchange file (QuickBooks for Windows)
IIM Music module
ILB Datafile (Scream Tracker)
ILBM Bitmap (graphic image)
ILK Program outline (Microsoft ILink incremental linker)
IM8 Raster graphic (Sun Microsystems)
IMA Image (WinImage)
IMA Vector graphic (EGO,Chart)
IMF MIDI music file (Corridor 7, Blake Stone, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny)
IMG Image (GEM)
IMG Bitmap graphic (Ventura Publisher)
IMP Spreadsheet (Lotus Improv)
IMQ Image presentation (ImageQ)
IMS Create executable library data (IconForge)
IN$ Installation file (HP NewWave)
IN3 Input device driver (Harvard Graphics v3.0)
INB Test script (Vermont High Test)
INC Include file (Assembler language or Active Server)
IND Index (dBase IV)
IND Shared Database file (Specifically in Microsoft Windows)
INDD Adobe InDesign document
INF Information file (Generic)
INF Type I LaserJet font information file
INF Install script (Generic)
INI Initialization file (Generic)
INI Setup file (MWave DSP synth's mwsynth.ini GM)
INI Bank setup file (Gravis UltraSound)
INK Pantone reference fills file (CorelDRAW)
INL Inline function file (Microsoft Visual C++)
INP Source code for form, (Oracle,version 3.0 and earlier)
INRS INRS-Telecommunications audio
INS Inspiration file
INS Install script (InstallShield)
INS Sign-up file (X-Internet)
INS Instrument file (Ensoniq EPS Family)
INS Sample (Cell/II MAC/PC instruments)
INS Datafile (WordPerfect for Windows)
INS Installation script (1st Reader)
INS Instrument music file (Adlib)
INT Intermediate executable code (Produced when a source program is syntax-checked)
INT Interfaced units (Borland)
INX Index file (Foxbase)
IO Compressed archive (CPIO)
IOB 3D graphics database (TDDD format)
IOC Organizational chart (Instant ORGcharting!)
IOF Findit document (Microsoft Findit)
ION File description (4dos descript.ion)
IPL Pantone Spot reference pallette (CorelDRAW)
IPS International patching system binary patch file
IQY Internet inquiry (Microsoft)
ISO Lists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system standard
IRS Resource file (WordPerfect for Windows)
ISD Spell checker dictionary (RapidFile)
ISH Compressed archive (ISH)
ISO ISO (International Standards Organization table, aka: ISO)
ISP Sign-up file(X-Internet)
IST Instrument file (Digitaltracker)
ISU Uninstall script (InstallShield)
IT Settings file (intalk)
ITF Interface file (JPI Pascal TopSpeed)
IT Music module (MOD) (Impulse Tracker)
ITI Instrument file (Impulse Tracker)
ITS Sample file (Impulse Tracker)
ITS Internet document set (possibly a Microsoft file)
IV Open Inventor file
IVD Microdata dimension or variable-level file (Beyond 20/20)
IVP User subset profile (Beyond 20/20)
IVT Table or aggregate data (Beyond 20/20)
IVX Microdata directory (Beyond 20/20)
IW Screensaver (Idlewild)
IW Presentation flowchart (IconAuthor-HSC Interactive)
IWA Text file (IBM Writing Assistant)
IWC Install Watch document
IWM Start file (IconAuthor)
IWP Text file (Wang)
IZT Binary token file (IZT
J62 Ricoh camera format file
JAD Java Application Descriptor file
JAR Java ARchive (a compressed file containing a package of Java application-related files)
JAS Graphic (Generic)
JAVA Source code (Java)
JBD Datafile (SigmaScan)
JBF Image browser file (Paint Shop Pro)
JBX Project file (Project Scheduler 4.0)
JCP Java Community Process file?
JCW Java Callable Wrapper file?
JDF Job Description File (proposed XML-based standard for end-to-end job ticket specification)
JFF JPEG image
JIF JPEG image
JMG Laservision projection graphics file
JMP Discovery chart-to-statistics (SAS JMP)
JN1 Jill of the Jungle data (Epic MegaGames)
JNB Workbook file (Sigma Plot 5)
JOB Vector graphics file created by conversion of a IMG file (QuestVision)
JOR Journal (Microsoft SQL Server)
JOU Journal backup (VAX Edt editor)
JPC Graphic (Japan PIC)
JPE JPEG image
JPEG JPEG compressed bitmap
JPG JPEG bitmap
JPG2 JPEG 2000 image (bitmap) file
JS JavaScript source code
JSD Jet Suite document (eFAX)
JSP A HTML page containing a reference to a Java servlet
JTF JPEG bitmap
JTF Fax document (Hayes JT Fax)
JTF Bitmap graphic (JPEG Tagged Interchange Format)
JTK Java ToolKit file (Sun Microsystems)
JW Text document (JustWrite)
JWL Library (JustWrite)
JZZ Spreadsheet (Jazz)


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ah, no need to remember, why leave a good service such as www.filext.com untouched??

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