Everquest2:yet another vidcard question...

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Im planning to get a 6600 128mb but im not sure if i can run EQ2 with that.I got the trial of Everquest and damn ive never seen such a heavy game for a vidcard!!My graphic options were all to low and everything else(shadows,lightning,particles etc......)were all disabled !!And it was choppy as hell,and even in the options to create my character!How crazy is that-i saw the screenshots so i can understand its almost like a 3D animation movie...so can a 6600 run this game?And do i need more ram or something that could help?
(Looking at my specs below is this only a vidcard problem?)


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AMD Athlon XP 2200+ (1.8Ghz)
MSI K7N2 (think that's it. we have too many mobos around here :D)
Geforce ti4200 64mb (comparable, maybe a little under the 9600. not sure)
1.0gb 333mhz fsb (non-dual) RAM
Maxtor 30gb HD
WinXP Home SP2

Was able to play with many of the settings on medium, if shadows and 'extra' things were turned off. It got laggy in cities (18 fps at worst) and high-particle effect situations, but it was still playable. Generally pulled off around an average of 25-30fps with those medium settings.

A 6600 GT is very capable of dealing with EQ2. That doesn't mean you will be playing everything at the absolute highest settings, though.

Edit: Oh. The Geforce 6600 is considerably less powerful than the 6600 GT. the GT is about the best bang for the buck in that price range; definitely get the 6600 GT if you can.
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