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hey i was just wondering whats some of the software that u have that u "just couldnt live without" and maybe ill get sum of it :D trying to build up my usefull prog collection, lol
Depends on the day.. I'd say my most frequently used programs would be WinRAR, Photoshop, Cygwin, Nero, CuteFTP, and Windows Media Player. I also use Bloodshed Dev C++ on a daily basis.

The only other program I "can't live without" is Vitrite (, which controls the transparency of windows in 2k/XP. It's really handy when you're multitasking and you need to see two large windows at once.
Programs I use most are: Adobe Photoshop & Imageready, IE6, Outlook Express, Notepad:), Dreamweaver, WinRAR and CloneCD.
Same here,, Angry IP, Blind Suite, Clone, Office, WinRar, Oracle, TextPad, SnagiT, PCAnywhere, VNC, DameWare,

No real favorite, I always go with the addage, there are always at least three ways to solve a problem,,

I like to work as a field agent,, " if ya dont got it...improvise!"
well i must say the best and most useful prog out of all the posted {that i dont already use} was that vitrite prog that þÄ®âÐÖx mentioned its a good prog everyone should get it if u multi-task allot :D makes my life easier, any other good progs ppl?
Oh geez, I use a ton every day.

Litestep, Photoshop, EditPlus, Dreamweaver, Trillian, FlashFXP, Phoenix, Mirc, Eudora, Winamp, WinRar, ACDSee, Nero, BNR and Sasami to name a few..
For me:

Direct Connect
Download Accelerator
Dreamweaver MX
M$ Office XP
Norton System Works

... and then there's some more.
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