Epson VS-50000 & VueScan


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Apologies if this has been discussed--I didn't find anything by searching.

I'm looking for a moderately priced 11x17 scanner, but it needs to output 48-bit color. The Epson VS-50000 would fit the budget, but its specifications indicate that it uses 48-bit internally, but only outputs 24-bit.

The reason I'd like to hear from anyone who has used this scanner with VueScan software is that when I bought VueScan to use with my film scanner I accidentally discovered that with it the scanner in a little Canon all-in-one printer/scanner could actually output 48-bit colo like Epson WF-7120 Review. Apparently, VueScan somehow accessed the internal color data!

If there's already a thread on this, please feel free just to point me toward it.

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