Epson Stylus C60 won't print.

mr gofer

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My dad's printer won't print ANYTHING AT ALL! When my dad sends a document to the printer, it does absolutely nothing! It's on the printer list. It's turned on. It used to work and now it doesn't! ALL computers in my house have problems printing to it. 1 computer is running Windows XP Home 32-bit, the other runs on Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. The other computer the printer is hooked up to also runs vista. I tried looking for new drivers for that printer, but I can't find any that supports the computer the printer is hooked up to. All computers see the printer, but they're having trouble printing to it. Is the printer the problem? If it is, what's wrong with it?


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Try unplugging the printer from the AC outlet to reset it, and restart all your household computers.