Epson GT-2500 scanner problem

Jim Bibby

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I acquired a used Epson GT-2500 document scanner. I have been unable to get the error LED to shut off. My computer recognizes the scanner, but software expectedly reports errors when I try to scan. The device mgr. shows no problem. The error message is “Cannot communicate or an error occurred on the scanner.” I know that communication exists because I can open the Epson software with the one-touch button on the scanner.

The error light is initially continuous and then flashes along with power LED.

On one occasion, I was able to get the scanner to scan, verifying that all mechanical operations work. However, the scan was a black blob. I changed the settings many different ways, but couldn't reproduce the original. After that peak of success, I disconnected the scanner from the AC, let the capacitors discharge, and started over. Since, then, I have been unable to get the unit to scan at all.

The travel lock is off. I have reconnected the scanner multiple times, tried different USB ports, reinstalled the driver multiple times, tried an older driver, tried different scanning software. Rebooted multiple times. Tried a different USB cable. I tried taking the scanner apart and tightening the screw that holds the transportation lock in the unlocked position.

As the scanner powers normally, communicates with the computer, and its mechanical functions work, I don't think it has a hardware problem. Could it be a problem with firmware, and is there a way I can reset or reinstall the firmware?

I also have an Epson V370. Could there be a conflict between the two scanners? I tried disconnecting the V370, but it didn't make any difference. Could the two drivers conflict?

Epson was no help via phone or e-mail. I have been unable to find a service manual.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Windows 7 Pro (x64)
3.7 GHz Core i3-4360
ASUS Z97-E mobo
256 GB Plextor PX-256M5Pro SSD (boot)
256 GB Corsair Neutron SSD
I'll start by saying that this scanner is incredibly old and is probably not compatible with Windows 7. This can cause it to intermittently work or not work at all. From Epson's web site:

Epson's Web Site said:
Scanner Interface:

Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Optional Network Card (RJ45,10BaseT / 100Base TX)
Minimum System Requirements:

Windows Requirements
Intel Pentium II processor, 233 MHz, and 128MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
USB 1.1: Windows 98 SE, 2000, Me, XP Home / Professional
USB 2.0: Windows 2000, XP Home / Professional and x64 Edition
50 MB available hard disk space, CD-ROM drive (4x or faster), available USB connection and mouse or other pointing device
Macintosh Requirements
PowerPC G3, 128MB (256MB recommended)
USB 1.1: Mac OS X 10.2 or later
USB 2.0: Mac OS X 10.2.7 or later
50 MB of available hard disk space, CD-ROM drive (4x or faster), available USB connection and mouse or other pointing device

All of that aside, however, if the scanner itself has flashing error lights then it's most likely an issue with the scanner itself and not the connection to the computer.
Thanks for your thoughts. I know it's an old scanner, but as Epson provides a driver on its Web site for Windows 7, I expected the driver to work. As an experiment, I tried downloading drivers for a couple of newer Epson doc scanners to see if they would work. I've been able to get other old Epson scanners to work that way, but in this case they were no help. I had also tried the driver on the original installation CD. Vista, which is basically 7, is the newest OS listed on the CD.

From my research, it appears this scanner stayed on the market for many years.

However, my latest experiment, inspired by your comment, was to install XP on an old HD to see if the scanner would run under HP. Still, no luck.
Yeah, if the error light is on the scanner then it's the scanner itself with the issue and not related to drivers being available or not. I'm curious where you found Windows 7 drivers, though. They're definitely not on Epson's web site where I pulled that information from. Vista drivers were not guaranteed to work with Windows 7 and, in many cases from my experience, did not work. Even the common printers and scanners required newer drivers from the manufacturer. A few times, however, I did get them to work for the most part, with a minor glitch here and there.
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