epson 800 printer to work on win XP

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Just got a new DELL 8200 and trying to install a older epson stylus color 800 printer. It won't take the epson install disk,
and installs a xp driver, that will work on some parts of
the tests by windows xp. but to print from FILE or PRINT
button doesn't work. Epson doesn't have any updated
drivers for this model. Have looked on the interned, but
nothing so far. Any body have any hints.......??
what programs are you trying to print from?

If it shows up in the printer control panel, and you can print test pages, there should be no reason why things like paint, and internet explorer wont print.
It has a print in the print box now, but it won't print and I
have got nothing to print by using the print under file or
the regular print button. Like I said in the earlier msg
the only thing that prints are a few things under tests, like
the nozzle printout and some weird numbers.
Yes, but what program are you in that wont recognise the printer?

When you hit File and then Print, are you in Internet Explorer, Paint, Word, Excel, What program is it?

If its a program that was bundled with the printer that is ALSO not supported in XP, that may be the problem.
I down loaded the above driver from windows 2000 and that
is working. I was trying to print from notepad and the internet
to the printer and got nothing. Now I am getting prints, until
this morning, when I filled my color and black ink cartridges.
Now it seems to be locked up and not printing. Any hints....
Nozzle check and the head cleaning prompts don't work.
unfortunatly, this is my caveat. I dont know anything about printer hardware. I can refil ink, and thats about it. Maybe someone else here can help with that. Glad the drivers worked though!
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